Comedy skits and sketches


Our selection of comedy skits and sketches,  ideal for schools, churches and play groups as well as for the holidays.

skits and sketches

30 Silly skits – a Month of Short Skits

A Christmas Carol – Christmas skits

A Famed Life – ten minute comedy about a personal servant leaving her very needy boss who cannot cope without her!

A Likely Story – five minute comedy filler

A Saucy Tail – a short punny skit for two

A Sordid Affair – an off the wall comedy. With a Mime

Aboard Disorder – Short satire about Mental Disorders

Alexa. A short funny script for two male actors about an Alexa

ANSWER THE QUESTION! A Comedy about Personal Data

Art Talk – comedy skits for three actors

Attorney skit – we’ll get what you paid for!

Bad News, Pluto!ten minute comedy sketch

Bob – a comedy skit in 5 minutes

Boy’s Night out – comedy sketch about a super secret high school club

By Faith – Christian Skits

Call of the riled – short skit for Thanksgiving

Cash for Christ – dry satire about religion

Cashless – comedy about paying with cash and the millenial who doesn’t understand it

Chelsea and Me – a short comedy sketch about a cat lady and her lady cat

Condo Mania : a teen sketch about a misunderstanding

Cupid’s Bad day – skit for Valentine’s day

Disharmony commercial – short comedy skit about a dating agency

Doctor Duplicate – short medical skit

Dueling Chefs – short skit on when chefs fight

ESPN, B.C. – teen action comedy script

Family Planning – Two person sketch about planning family reunions

Family Separation – comedy sketch about parents separating..from their kids

Fausto e Mefisto – funny Faust script

First Date, First Base – a comedy about bringing a girl home and finding your mother there unexpectedly!

Funeral Skit – skit about a tragic funeral. For a fish!

Gettin’ Hitched – skit about getting married. When you’re ninety!

Glasses – a children’s monologue about getting terrifying glasses!

God’s visit – funny script about when you say ‘Oh God,’ and she appears!

Ham and Eggs – ten minute melodrama

Handsome and Griddle – short skit on Hansel and Gretel

Hell Froze over – comedy script about sports taken a BIT too far

Husband’s anonymous – comedy about a support group for wives with annoying husbands.

Judge Chewout – courtroom comedy skit

Juleo and Romiet – skit on Romeo and Juliet

Launching a kid’s comedy club – book of skits

Lawyer Skit – short skit set in the courtroom

Little Miss Muffet: The Official Skit

Little Red Walking Hood – skit on little red riding hood

Lost Property – comedy about Superman, who has lost his clothes

Making Friends – short comedy sketch about a supermarket queue

Most Likely to… A Comedy Sketch about Expectations

Mr Fluffy is missing – short skit about a missing pet

My First Online Date – Comedy about REALLY LYING on your online dating profile

My Little Mermaid – skit on The Little Mermaid

No-Thanks-Giving! Skit

One Fine Day at the Car Dealership – comedy sketch about people who think they own the road

One Fine Day at the Vet – comedy sketch about a nutty client

One fine day in the operating room – short medical skit

One Hot Knight – comedy skit for 4 actors

Orphan Antsy – skit on the musical Annie

Prince Charming – adult comedy skit

Ratboy – failed superhero comedy script

Read about it – comedy when two middle aged widowed people meet at the bus stop

Show and Smell – short skit set in the classroom

Sketches – a collection of comedy and drama sketches for teens

Slim Fat Commercial – skit about weight loss fads

So Easy, a Caveman can do it – short skit about inventing the wheel

So…What do you think of the Band? A Collection of ten light hearted plays for teens and adults

Start wreck – skit on star trek

Static – short female monologue about working out

Sunday in the park with Phil – short two person skit about true love – in any form!

Tea for Terror – dark comedy about the very real terrors of tea addiction

The Appointment – one act comedy about customer service

The Call Centre – short comedy sketch about insurance call centre

The Dane – ten minute comedy script

The Duel – ten minute knightly comedy for two actors

The First Thanksgiving a short thanksgiving comedy sketch

The Lie – short comedy about lying and then some for two actors

The masked avenger – superhero skit

The Operation – short skit about Siamese (conjoined) twins

The Summoning – audience participation comedy horror sketch

The Wingman – comedy about a guy who’s hopeless with women

Town Crisis – short comedy sketch about sensational, but FAKE news

Trump: American Nightmare – short Donald Trump skit

Trump: I’m not a RACIST! skit

Trump: Wolf of Pennsylvania Avenue – Trump comedy sketch

Twas the day AFTER Christmas – Comedy about Santa at the Unemployment Office

Two Peas – short comedy sketch about twins

Vet Skit – short skit set at the vet

Virtual Teacher – comedy sketch about online learning during lockdown

Wedding Flour – skit about a homophone misunderstanding

Well I never! Comedy sketch for three women

What the old guy said – funny senior monologue

Woke Coffee – a comedy about being OFFENDED!

Would you let me fini…sh? Skit for two women

Ye’ll vote for me – short Irish political skit

You wanted to see me? Comedy sketch about being late for work

X’s and O’s – five minute comedy sketch for seniors

101 Ways to Dump Someone in Five Minutes

Comedy skits and sketches suitable for kids, church groups, schools or for just being plain silly and having a bit of fun.

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