Oldens but Goldens – Comedy about a Scam. And another one. In an old people’s home!


Comedy about a scam and another one all in the ‘not so innocent’ local old age home. Nick, con artist needs to lie low and hides out in the local old age home. But the old people are running a scam of their own. And it’s too difficult not to get involved!

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comedy about a scam


Nick and Debbie have just pulled off the insurance scam of a lifetime and are ready to leave for an island in the sun, taking their trusting customer’s money with them – for, er, collateral, of course! All that’s needed is to tie up a few loose ends and for Nick to lie low for a bit in this comedy about a scam.  And what better place than the local old people’s home? It’s highly unlikely that they would ever think of looking for him there. And so…enter Nick, a.k.a Bill Allbright, father of beloved Debbie, a.k.a Jill, who has promised to collect him from the home in two week’s time.

Nobody believes it, of course Not the part about him being Bill, that is. The part about him being collected in two weeks. They’ve seen it all before and are convinced he’s been dumped there permanently, duped by his daughter. In fact they feel quite sorry for him, and so they decide to let him in on a little secret. Their benefit’s scam. It started out small but now has a network in quite a few homes around the country. Their aim? To be in control of their own money and to live in a retirement community where they make the rules. And don’t have to wear bibs for dinner!

But will they pull it off?


Cranleigh School, United Kingdom – 2022
Madcap Productions, Dorset, United Kingdom – 2023


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Author: Gary Davis

Type: Very short three act play. Could be done as one act in three scenes

Genre: Comedy about a scam, senior comedy

Length:  60 minutes

Cast: 6F 5M

Ages of the actors: All adult, can be played by people of any age. Suitable for seniors

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to perform

Set: This play is set in the living room of an old people’s home. The time could be set from the 1980’s to the present day.
The set is a normal box set with one door stage back centre and a secret door stage right. It is decorated with dated wallpaper and assorted pictures. Furniture consists of 5 separate sitting room chairs of varying shapes and sizing and a coffee table as you would see in a rundown old people’s home, a cupboard stage back right. Joyce’s chair is set back from the other 4 chairs stage back left.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – getting the character’s right especially where the imposters play old age pensioners.

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Copyright © February 2020 Gary Davis and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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