You Wanted To See Me? Comedy sketch about being late for work

comedy sketch about being late for work


Roger is a guy with a problem. A problem that’s recently become more and more noticeable to his line manager. What is it? Well -in the past two months he’s been late for work pretty much three days out of five. For a number of reasons. The usual ones – his alarm didn’t go off and his car wouldn’t start. And…those that are a little less usual, such as having a flock of giant bunnies gallop past his window one morning and being mugged for his travel card by a man in a dress. Not to mention the dognapping for half a million pounds he was recently involved in. The thing is – every single one of these reasons is true. Completely true. And today he’s being called to the big boss’s office to have a little meeting about it in this comedy sketch about being late for work.


Bowraville Theatre Players, New South Wales, Australia – 2020
Break A Leg Theatre, AB, Canada – 2023


The author will allow workshopping of the language in the script to make it more local to the area is it being staged.

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Author: Claire Linda Demmer

Type: Comedy sketch about being late for work

Genre: Comedy, one act, sketch

Length: Seven minutes

Cast: Cast of 2, Roger should be male but Mr Smith could be either gender

Ages of the actors: 1 middle aged to older, 1 younger to middle aged

Suitable for: Adults – language, one reference to sex . This can be edited out if younger performers are to stage it.

Set: A typical manger’s office. There is a single door leading into the office. There is a desk with a phone and a sheaf of papers which the manager will consult. There are two chairs – both armchairs. The one armchair for Roger should have those narrow type of arms that look a bit flimsy.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – this play can make use of physical comedy to add to the humour if the performers wish to.

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