Condo Mania – a Short Sketch about a Misunderstanding (for teens)


When Chris’s boyfriend invites her over as he’s just bought a condom, she’s horrified! Turns out that’s NOT what he said. Sketch about a misunderstanding.

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sketch about a misunderstanding


Chris (really Christine) has a problem. She has been going out with Nick about a month now and apparently he’s ready to take the next step (which she isn’t). She knows this because he has invited her over to see his, er condom. What! At her age? I mean, what does he expect? In Chris’ words:
“Lose my virginity, become pregnant, get kicked out of my
house, have a baby, lose all my friends, and go on to have
a miserable life.”
So she does what every girl with a little boyfriend problem does. She tells her best friend, who is also appropriately shocked and horrified. They, in turn confront Nick with what they think of him. Only…. there’s been a teensy weeny misunderstanding. He never wanted to show Chris his condo(M) !! Comedy sketch about a misunderstanding.

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Author: Tim Brown

Type: Comedy sketch about a misunderstanding

Genre: Comedy

Cast: 2F 1M

Ages of the actors: 14-16 years old

Suitable for: Teens up

Length: 5 minutes

Set: Black box stage

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – building the whole thing uo to have it all fizzle humourously at the end

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Copyright © December 2020 Tim Brown and Off the Wall Play Publishers

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