Hossback – One Act Comedy about Cowboys



This satirical off the wall comedy rips off typical cowboys from the old west, or at least modern society’s idea of what cowboys actually were like by taking an over the top view of them. From the way they loved their hosses as if they were real women, to their predilection for hanging ‘criminals’ of an description to their manner of speaking – all those cowboy traits we are so fond of are chewed up and spat out again.

Performance History:
“HOSSBACK” was originally produced Off-off Broadway at the expanded Arts Theatre in 1991.
Rosemount High School, USA, 2016

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Author: James B. Campbell

Genre: Off The Wall Comedy, satire

Type: Short one act play

Cast: 4M, 4F (non speaking)

Ages of the Actors: Adult actors

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 10 minutes

Set: An empty stage – black box theatre. A rope is the only prop

Level of Difficulty: 6/10 – keeping a straight face on stage. 

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Copyright © 2014 James Campbell

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