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Play scripts for musicals and musical theatre.  With both original music and music from your favourite musical shows.

And all his Songs were Sad – life story of Sean McCarthy, Irish Folksinger

After Ever After – a fairytale musical for schools

Brookland’s blooming cats – children’s musical script

Dream Beat – 1960’s Two Act Stage Musical

Dr George’s Magnificent Zeppelin – musical children’s plays

Enter Love – original modern musicals

Fulfill me FULLY Phil – British dark comedy musical set in a small town

Hang ups – funny one act musicals

Hot Fudge Pickles – THE Musical for children

In the Rubble of Paradise – World War 2 Cabaret Musical

Kingdom – children’s musical about a dragon who loses his flame

Madrababes – fun filled one act musicals

Molly and the magic phone – musical for children

Nights – funny musical Arabian Nights

Santa’s Holiday – South African Christmas play

The Fun Doctor – large cast Rock and Roll Comedy

The Perfect Place for a Mouse – Children’s play with music

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists – the musical

Trolls Stole the North Pole – musical Christmas play

Twenty First Century Stomp – a drama in rap in two acts

What is the difference between a pantomime and a musical play?  A pantomime is a funny version of one of the classic fairy tales, such as The Wizard of Oz,  Snow White, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. Traditional pantomime scripts usually have a ”Dame” in the cast, who is  a woman traditionally played by a male actor.

There are always songs in the pantomime script, which are usually chosen at the director’s discretion, although some scripts have songs written in. Most of the pantomime scripts stocked by Off The Wall Plays have show tunes and/or popular songs already cleverly adapted for the story itself, so it can save some on music choice.  But in the end it is up to the director to use the music they prefer.  The songs are often chosen from popular music or show tunes.   As a difference, a ”musical” will often contain original music, and be either a drama, love story, historical play or comedy.

At Off The Wall Plays, we are constantly on the lookout for musical play scripts and pantomimes. If you have one lying dormant in a drawer somewhere, send it in – it could be published!!

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