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What happens when you have a telemarketing room with a bunch of misfits, managed by someone who is apathetic and is owned by an ex con? You have “Hang Ups”. When the owner threatens to fire everyone and replace the manager with his best employee, panic starts to set in. With a cast of characters including a wannabe standup comedian, a sweet but elderly senior whose best days have long since past, an egomaniac and a hair dresser in training, Martin, the manager, has to turn things around- and FAST! With such catchy songs as “Motivate ‘Em”, “A Chopped Liver Sandwhich”, “Invisible Woman” and of course, “Hang Ups” (written by Hartley Mandel and Dee Long- formerly of Klaatu), “Hang Ups” is a musical comedy that will keep audiences listening!

Author: By Morley Shulman
Music and Lyrics by Dee Long and Hartley Mandel

Genre: One act musical

: Funny one act musicals

Length: 60 minutes, one hour

Cast: 6M, 1F

Ages of the actors: Adult, from 20’s to 60’s

Suitable for: All ages

Situated around a plain, rectangular table are five nondescript chairs and 80’s push button telephones. Various coffee cups and and scattered paper is strewn over the table.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – fast paced dialogue that’s funny and good to perform

Read a Sample of the Script

Example of the Musical score for ‘Hang ups – the musical’

Example of the musical score for ‘A Chopped Liver Sandwich’

Example of the musical score for ‘Invisible Girl’

Example of the musical score for ‘Motivate ‘Em’

Cost is $5 for the digital script itself

Cost is $10 for the digital score and mp 3 recordings

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Copyright © April 2015 Morley Shulman, Dee Long and Hartley Mandel and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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