A Less Expendable Husband – One Act Comedy for Three Women


When Vicky overhears Regina planning a bombing, she threatens to expose her. Until she hears it’s her own cheating spouse. One Act Comedy for three women.

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one act comedy for three women


Vicky considers herself lucky to have gotten the job as facilities manager at the swanky Union Golf Club.  It’s so exclusive, even the faucet heads from the club are in demand.  And someone’s been stealing them from the ladies’ restroom. Now if only she could track the culprit down once and for all…. One Act Comedy for Three Women.

Whilst Vicky’s hiding in the cubicle waiting to catch the culprit red handed, Regina enters on her phone and Vicky overhears a shocking conversation involving a bomb and “Terminal One.” She bursts out the cubicle and threatens to expose Regina. But when she finds out who Regina is planning to blow up, and that it is no one other than her very own philandering husband, she changes her tune.


Morris Central School, NY, USA – 2020


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Author: Jacob Appel

Type: One Act Play Script

Genre: One act Comedy for Three Women

Cast: 3F

Ages of the actors: One younger, two middle aged

Suitable for: Adults to perform, all ages to watch

Length: 40-45 minutes

Set: The entire play takes place in the women’s washroom of the Union Club, an upscale but decidedly nouveau riche suburban golf club. Three toilet stalls with swinging doors run along one wall; a bank of sinks is affixed to the opposite wall. A pyramid of toilet tissue rolls rises from a metal stand beside the sinks. In the foreground is a carpeted lounge area: divan, velvet chairs, possibly a potted plant on a vanity. The restroom appears immaculate to the point of glistening, and ideally, the walls, fixtures, carpet and furniture all match. At right, the restroom door opens onto the unseen club lobby and dining room beyond. All in all, an ordinary ladies’ washroom—except that the entire chamber slants 5-10%; this is hardly noticeable, except that small objects left unattended will roll off stage. Also, there is a narrow fissure in the floor delineated by a pair of orange cones.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 Set. There needs to be slanting floor with a gap in it and at points in the play, there is supposed to be an earth tremor and the set shakes. This could be done with light and sound as easily as building it into the set

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