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Plays with songs and/or music in them in which music contributes more than 10% of the content

Aladdin The Pantomime – British panto script

Aladdin the pantomime


In Aladdin the pantomime, Abanazer, the wicked one seeks an infamous lamp hidden in a land far far away. Rumour has it that the lamp contains a powerful Genie who can help him rule the world. But he has no idea how to find it. Undeterred, he rings up the Slave of the Ring Hotline for help. The bimbo on the helpdesk checks her computer and informs him that yes, such a cave exists and no, he cannot enter it himself. There is only one in the whole world who can do it. His name? Aladdin. Location? Peking, China. China? That’s a bit far!

So Abanazer sets out on a journey. Aladdin, on the other side of the world is currently running for his life because he set eyes on the beautiful princess. Naturally this means he must die. But since he has no immediate plans to do this, running away seems to be the best option. Other than marrying the Princess of course. But that sort of thing doesn’t happen to young men whose mother, the Widow Twankey (currently unattached, available and let’s face it, slightly manly) owns the local laundromat. Nope. He’d have to come into a large fortune to do that.

Which is exactly what Abanazer promises him to get him to go to the cave. However, once they’re in the cave it all goes wrong. Aladdin finds the treasure and wants to send that up first, but wicked Abanazer only wants the lamp and seals Aladdin inside the cave in a rage. Leaving him with the lamp and a massive amount of treasure. The rest? Well, why don’t you have a little read and find out!


Killigrew drama society KiDS, Hertfordshire, UK – 2019

Read other pantomimes – Cinderella by British playwright Mick Gaunt

Author: Mick Gaunt

Type: Two-act play

Genre: Aladdin the Pantomime, comedy, musical

Length: 80 – 90 minutes plus songs

Cast: 21 including chorus. Gender can vary so is not stipulated.

Ages of the actors: Older children and up

Suitable for: All ages to watch and perform

Set: Various – Front cloth is various locations including Abanazer’s Den, Peking city, mountains, marketplace, Twankey’s laundry, treasure cave, Aladdin’s palace, a distant place.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – characterizations – the Dame (Widow Twankey) is lovely and over the top.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6.50 for this previously staged digital play script

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Copyright © February 2019 Mick Gaunt and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Hot Fudge Pickles – A Small Town Full Length Musical for children

full length musical for children


Ah, the town of Littleton; quiet, unassuming and as normal as its typical inhabitants. Littleton was your average small American town … and home to Alvin. Some say Alvin was born to create havoc,
others say he saved Littleton from itself in this full length musical for children.

As in most stories, in Hot Fudge Pickles: the Musical, it also happened one hot summer’s day, when Alvin was seen by Kristy and Gramps dropping his pickle into some hot fudge. Legend says he dropped the green stick into the gooey concoction, with an air of intention about him. Others say it was an honest mistake. Either way, what happened on that day in the decade of pivots turned Littleton from ‘nothing-happens-here’ to ‘get-me-there-now!’ In this
two-act musical-comedy, we learn that heroes are made from headaches, cuisine can be coo-coo and as unpredictable as Alvin was, so was the creation that came to be known as a Green Monster.

It’s green and covered in fudge…if we told you more than that; we’d have to kill you.


SPAG BOL Productions – Ferny Grove State School, Queensland, Australia – 2018

Authors: Marilyn D. Anderson and Jen Garrett

Type: Full length Musical for children. Two-acts

Genre: Musical Comedy

Cast: Forty three – for smaller classes or drama groups, some parts may be doubled

Ages of the actors: At least 13 cast members are written as children or pre teens and the rest are adults, but it is ideal for children and younger teens aged 9-15.

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 90 minutes

Set: Duncan’s Drug Store front and street
Inside Duncan’s Drug Store with ice cream counter
Town Square

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – a fun script filled with songs that everyone will enjoy

Read a Sample of the Script

All music available as sheet music on request. Have a listen to three of the songs recorded live at a local school production:

Cost is $5.50 for this new digital full length musical

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Hot Fudge Pickles

Copyright © July 2017 Marilyn D. Anderson and Jen Garrett and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Puss in Boots in the Wild West – Puss in Boots Pantomime script

puss in boots pantomime script


A traditional Puss in boots pantomime script for a large cast set in the American Wild West with a story based on the story of Puss in Boots.

Dame Calamity Jean and the townsfolk of Dodgy City have their livelihoods threatened by the notorious gunslinging outlaw, Wild Wilma and her incompetent gang, El Zorillo and the three Amoebas. When a dancer visits from the Windy City with his inherited cat, the
townsfolk put on their dancing shoes and find a way to stand up to Wilma and save the town.

Read other children’s plays by Kate – the best seller Alien Research and also The Pied Piper of Hawaii – trouble in the Wild West.

Author: Kate Goddard

Genre: Puss in Boots Pantomime Script

Type: Two-act full length pantomime

Cast: Large cast – 43 characters are listed but many can be doubled or reduced (as in listed numbers of chorus)

Ages of the actors: Primary school and up

Suitable for: All ages both to perform and to watch

Length: Two hours

Set: Various – Mainly a Saloon, various scenes in front of curtain, a desert scene.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 accents – no problem if you’re actually American.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this new digital pantomime script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any Queries about Puss in Boots in the Wild West

Copyright © May 2017 Kate Goddard and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Wotcha! Gotcha! Steam punk panto based on Alice in Wonderland

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists – An original musical



(In no particular order) William Easton, Frank Owen, Philpot, Harlow, White, Linden and all of the other working class men of Mugsborough must face everyday knowing one strange yet familiar truth: it is unlikely they will inherit the earth. Work it? Yes. Barter it? Perhaps. Own it? Never.

In The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist, a musical dramedy in three acts, the relationship between occupation and labour is explored in an atmosphere of the possibilities that socialism might present to the working class. Every man struggles to provide for himself and his family and they are pushed to eliminate thoughts of self-improvement in favour of the ideals of all socialist manifestos i.e. The Greater Good.

In between, they freeze to death, never really have a satisfying meal and contemplate – even commit – suicide. It is all about money and the lack thereof until it turns into a tale of humanity and the prospect of living without that too. All the while, the owners, proprietors, capitalists, your (in no particular order, at all) Sweater’s, Rushton’s and the like laugh all the way into their first-class graves… but where does the difference lie really? A grave is still a grave; first class or not.

Here’s to you, the average man, you who work to live and live to work!

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists was originally presented Off- Broadway by The Labor Theater in 1979, directed by C. R. Portz

Author: James Campbell

Genre: Musical, Drama

Type: Three Act Play

Main Characters: 8 –M, 1- F (Total cast 15M, 2F)

Ages of the actors: Adult and older

Suitable for: All can watch, but aimed at adults

Length: Two and a half hours

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – accents and ability to sing as well as act

Read a Sample of the script

Read an example of the music from the show

Cost is $6.50 for the digital script

Cost is $5.50 for the original handwritten score

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

Copyright © March 2017 James Campbell and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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The Pied Piper of Hawaii (Trouble in The Wild West) – children’s one act

children's one act


In Curly Creek in the American wild west, the Fluffy Rats and their boss, Reg the Rat Man, live in harmony with the townsfolk and keep the town clean and tidy for them. Suddenly the peace of the town is disrupted with the arrival of Rotter Rat and his gang of Bad Rats in this children’s one act. The Mayor of Curly Creek and the townsfolk decide that they need to find a way to get rid of the Bad Rats. Unfortunately, they can’t seem to find anyone who can do the job. Perhaps the mythical Pied Piper of Hawaii could be the man to rid Curly Creek of its troublesome Bad Rats…

Read about best selling children’s playwright Kate Goddard. Other plays for kids (Alien Research) by Kate.

Author: Kate Goddard

Genre: Funny large cast children’s play

Type: Children’s one act musical play

Cast: Twenty six, many of which can either be boys or girls. For smaller classes, some of the smaller parts can be doubled up.

Ages of the actors: Primary school, junior school

Suitable for: Children

Length: Thirty five to Forty minutes as a straight script, sixty minutes if songs are included

Set: The Town of Curly Creek, in the American Wild West

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – lots of funny lines with great characters for the children to play

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6.50 for this new digital children’s script

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Copyright © August 2016 Kate Goddard and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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The Mystery of the Missing Meatball – script for younger kids
Brookland’s Blooming Cats – large cast musical play for primary school

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Brooklands Blooming Cats – script for children’s musical

script for children's musical


It is better to have purred in the right direction, than never to have purred at all.

Cats!! From the purr, to the meow and the love of milk, the slit like pupils see, the triangular nose smells and the keen ears hear… that something is not right. The vibrant cats of Brookland’s School sense that all is unwell when their caretaker Mr. Morgan fails to show up to school with food for the day. Starving from hunger, annoyed at his betrayal of their stomachs and worried at the cause of his delay, when (whom they assume to be) Mr. Morgan finally does show up they rush to eat, none the wiser about a meal that will imprison them and have their claws harvested for gold by the stature-challenged and metal-obsessed, W’Evil. In this script for children’s musical, it is up to the cats to rescue themselves, rescue Mr. Morgan and save W’Evil from himself (probably) too. All in a cat’s 24 hours considering they sleep twelve to sixteen hours a day…

See a Youtube video of a BBC production of the book Blooming Cats by David Morgan

Other children’s books by David

Spiders Love to Snuggle

Wonderful Wiggling Whirling Worms

Busy Bees and Willful Wasps

Busy Bees and Willful Wasps Paperback – Illustrated, 15 Nov. 2019

A Very Merry Critters’ Christmas

Butterfly Beauties and Magical Moths

Ants Are fANTastic

Also available here

Author: David Morgan

Genre: Script for children’s musical

Type: Two-act play

Length: One and a half hours

Cast: 25 plus choir. 

Ages of the actors: Primary school age

Suitable for: Primary school children

Set: Scene 1: MR MORGAN’s ‘living’ room/Playground of Brooklands School
Scene 2: Brooklands’ Basement Lab
Scene 3: Brooklands’ playground
Scene 4: Brooklands’ Basement Lab / Front stage
Scene 5: Brooklands’ Basement Lab
Scene 6: Park/ outside MR MORGAN’s House

Although there are scene changes they can be very easily accomplished with moving minimal furniture or more elaborately with backdrops.

Level of difficulty: 5/10 – half the play is made of songs so there aren’t too many long lines to learn and with many different characters, each child can learn his or her her part well.

Read a Sample of the Script

Listen to some of the songs on sound cloud:

What is wrong?

Anybody home

My name is Weevil

Billy Boggle

Oh, what shall we do!

Free school

We’ll follow our whiskers

The Chase

All’s well that ends well

Hyacinth Bloom

Cost is $6 for this previously produced digital script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Brookland’s Blooming Cats

Copyright © March 2016 David Morgan and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Wotcha! Gotcha! Steam Punk Funny Pantomime

funny pantomime


In this zany but extremely funny steam punk pantomime script, loosely based on Alice in Wonderland, Alice Liddell is kidnapped by the villains Mad Hat and Moriarty and taken through the looking glass to an alternate universe and imprisoned in their Dirigible because they want to take over her world and they have a cunning plan to get their way.

Her friends Dodgson and Prince Leopold enlist the help of the slightly less famous Shamrock Holmes and his sidekick, James Watson to get her back to their side of the looking glass. Together with the Dame and the Baker Street Irregulars, they set out to rescue her and save their world from imminent disaster.

They win, of course!

alice in wonderland pantomime

Alice in wonderland panto

This panto has one written song in it, but songs can easily be added at the director’s discretion.

Wotcha! Gotcha! had a very successful two week run in New Jersey. Read a review about it in the Huffington Post.

Author: Gareth Jones

Genre: Steam punk funny pantomime

Type: Three act play

Cast: Large cast play with 26 named characters but smaller parts may be doubled or the sex of roles reversed.

Ages of the actors: Play with cast of children and adults

Suitable for: Suitable for all ages

Length: Play two hours long

Set: The set in act one and two is divided between Alice’s sitting room and the inside of the dirigible. Act three is divided between a concert hall and the dirigible. The inside of the dirigible can have decor that is steam punk in nature.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – written as a classic British panto with cockney accents

Read a Sample of the Script

pay now shakespeare

Cost is $8.00 for this previously staged popular pantomime with a successful run. Just Click Shakespeare!

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Wotcha Gotcha

Copyright © October 2015 Gareth Jones and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Snow White and the Seven Ugly Sisters – Snow White Pantomime Script

snow white pantomime script

snow white pantomime script


Once upon a time, there was a wicked queen with an evil sidekick of a magic mirror. She was also the most beautiful woman in the world. Unfortunately this didn’t bode well for anyone else who was well, even remotely good looking. When the Princess Snow White blossoms into beauty, and the mirror informs the queen that she is shortly (well next Tuesday to be exact) to move to second place, the queen decides that someone else needs to take drastic action, and she sends her huntsman to kill the princess and bring back her spleen. Since she doesn’t actually know what a spleen is, Snow White and the Huntsman fool the queen, and Snow White runs away into the deep forest.

There she meets the seven ugly sisters who kindly take her under their wing when they hear the queen’s evil plan. In the meantime, the mirror has informed the evil queen that actually, Snow white is still alive and kicking in the woods. The Queen decides to do her in with the aid of a magical nuclear cigar, delivered by Royal Mail.

The seven ugly sisters leave for work as air hostesses on Goldonian airways, leaving Snow White alone in the cottage with strict instructions not to accept any multicoloured apples from strange old women.
Snow white is interrupted by the arrival of the ever so sexy (but boy does he know it) Prince Valiant, who is Revolta’s (one of the ugly sisters) brother. He brings an invitation to his engagement party for his sister, Revolta.

Snow White is surprised to find that he not only has no idea who his bride to be actually is, but that she should count herself lucky to have him as a husband! He tries to flirt with her but fails horribly and leaves, but not before accepting a package from Royal Mail for her (The postman is the queen in disguise) containing two nuclear cigars. When the seven sisters arrive back from work, they’re all excited by the package, but when Snow White lights the cigar for Hideosa, it backfires, sending her into a magical sleep.

The girls summon Valiant who happily kisses Snow White and wakes her up. He in turn is amazed to find that she actually doesn’t want to marry him on the spot. They are interrupted by the arrival of the queen who has decided to kill Snow herself (properly this time.) The sisters save the day by lighting the other cigar and aiming it at the queen, sending her into a magical sleep. Snow White becomes the new queen of the magical kingdom and they all live happily ever after.

A fun non traditional pantomime filled with cleverly adapted  Show tunes and witty dialogue by best selling playwright Claire Demmer.  This pantomime would suit a typical drama group where the majority of the players are female – but the sisters can just as easily (and humorously be played by males.)

Notes: The author will allow workshopping of the script.  All of the songs can be substituted at the director’s discretion.  The nuclear cigars can be substituted for any other weapon of choice.

Production History

Kainon School, Westville, South Africa – 2016
Wedmore Young Farmers Club, Somerset, UK – 2018
Churchdown Players, Cheltenham, UK – 2019
The Franklin Players, Roosevelt Park, South Africa – 2023

Snow White and the Seven Ugly sisters performed by the Wedmore Young Farmers Club won the local and regional finals for panto in Somerset and went on to represent Somerset in the Southern round for the United Kingdom.

Read about playwright Claire Linda Demmer. Other pantomimes (Wizard of Odd) by Claire Demmer.

Author: Claire Linda Demmer

Genre: Snow White pantomime script, alternative pantomime Snow White

Type: Two-act musical show

Cast: 13 minimum.  2M, 3F, 8 N or either sex

Ages of the actors: Actors mixed ages

Suitable for: Suitable for children

Length: 70-80 minutes long

Set: Act one is set in the castle and the forest, act two in the sister’s cottage.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – a medium cast pantomime for a smaller venue

Read a Sample of the Script

pay now shakespeare Cost is $10.00 for this previously performed digital panto script. Just Click Shakespeare!

Contact Off The wall plays with any queries about Snow White and seven ugly sisters

Copyright © Claire Demmer and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Snow White and the seven dwarves – Pantomime Snow White

pantomime snow white

one act comedy


Many years ago, in the kingdom lived a beautiful princess, Snow White who was forced to work in the castle for her stepmother, the Evil Queen Evilynn, along with Delilah Dumpling (the cook), Douglas (Delilah’s assistant) and Rose Red (The kitchen maid). One day, a handsome Prince, Prince Valliant, arrives in the kingdom in search of ‘The most beautiful lady in the land.’ Queen Evilynn likes the look of the Prince and wants to marry him but unfortunately he fancies Snow White.

That very day, the Queen’s magic mirror tells her again that Snow White is fairest in all the land, so she plots to kill her. Mandalay, the Queen’s henchman is asked to take Snow White on a picnic with the wood choppers (Horace, Doris, Norris and Boris). Mandalay can’t carry out his task and the wood choppers come up with the idea that Snow White remains behind in the forest. After saying goodbye to her friends Snow White becomes scared and faints. Fairy Good-at-heart sends her to live with the Seven Dwarves, who take Snow White into their home.

Thinking she has won, Queen Evilynn plans a big celebration but is soon told that Mandalay failed in his task and she poisons Snow White. The Prince has learned of the Queen’s evil plan and sets out along with Sir Richard, Delilah, Douglas, Rose Red and the wood choppers. The Prince gets there to find Snow White ‘dead’ but he wakes her with a kiss. The good fairy defeats Queen Evilynn, with the help of the audience, and all is well again.

This is a pantomime Snow White packed full of songs, jokes, slapstick and family entertainment.

Other plays (Aladdin) by playwright Bradley Coffey.

Author: Bradley Coffey

Genre: Pantomime snow white

Type: One act play

Length: 60 minutes

Cast: 15 M (if one takes all the dwarves as M, but they could be mixed M and F if one has a larger female cast, 6F, and chorus

Ages of the actors: Cast all ages

Suitable for: Panto suitable for all ages

Set: Simple set but various decorations at director’s discretion. Locations include the market square, the forest, the caste etc.

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – simple fun panto with a large cast to suit schools, amdram and community theatre.

Read a Sample of the Script

pay now shakespeare

Cost is $8.00 for this new digital pantomime script. Just Click Shakespeare!

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Copyright © September 2015 Bradley Coffey and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Nights – Funny Musicals – Adaptation of The Arabian Nights


nights poster fest

Under the murderous regime of a bitter King, two sisters, Ria and Dee, set about saving the lives of local girls, through Ria’s gift for telling stories.

Halting the nightly cycle of lust and murder, through a talent for cliff-hanger endings, Dee and Ria survive and thrive.
Performed by two singers and two instrumentalists, ‘Nights’ is a very different, all female adaptation of this famous tale, with a distinctly practical approach to life and surviving men.


‘Blurring the divide between opera and musical theatre, Madam Renards is a company committed to producing vocally challenging, original works for contemporary audiences.
This production is recommended for ages 12 and over due to adult themes.’

“Matt Fox and Jessie Thompson brought a fresh and contemporary flourish of humour within their version of Arabian Night; look out for further performances of musical excellence and storytelling in the coming months” – The Puttyfoot Perspective

“The score sets a pretty high technical standard…the influence of Sondheim and a touch of English Folk music, nicely blended” – The Ocelot

Other musicals by Matt Fox and Jessie Thompson.

Authors:  Matt Fox and Jessie Thompson

Genre:  Funny musicals

Type:  Two-act musicals

Cast:  Cast of 2 women, 2 F

Ages of the actors: Adult actors

Suitable for :  PG 12 – adult themes

Length: One hour long

Set: Simple set –  or black box theatre

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – actors must be musical

Read a Sample of the Script

Listen to the soundtrack: The Gift

Listen to the the soundtrack: Greet The Sun

Cost is $7 for this previously staged, well reviewed digital script

Cost is $10 for the digital score for this well reviewed musical show

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Nights

Copyright August 2015 Matt Fox and Jessie Thompson and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Dr George’s Magnificent Zeppelin – children’s musical plays


children's musical plays


“Doctor George’s Magnificent Zeppelin” involves a zany cluster of characters who are zestfully, if not reluctantly determined to save the globe from the dire consequences of exploitation, prejudice, greed, and the evils of unrepentant egotism. Doctor George’s adventurous crew encounters mermaids, pirates, fairies, an evil queen, and a reluctant dragon. Spirited musical lyrics convey the plot and intentions of the characters. In the guise of a children’s story it pokes fun at the powers that be who mistreat the populace they engage. Cruelty, greed, dictators, and terrorists are all held up to the mirror of vanity, exposing them to the light of repentance and love. Doctor George and his crew continue their journey to save the world and to shed light on the ravages of egotistical tyrants.

Read about playwright Grant Vuille

Author: Grant Vuille

Genre: Children’s musical plays

Type: Two-act play

Cast: 9M 9F

Ages of the actors: Adult – young adult to old

Length: Two hours

Suitable for: The whole family

Set: Doctor George’s home in the land of the free, the United States of America, the skies on the way to Mermaid’s Isle, the pirate’s oceanic domain, and the fabulous, exotic Isle of Jaggar (a.k.a. Jaggar’s Isle) home to King Jaggar, his misguided want-to-be-evil-terrorist wife, Queen Thirteen, a plethora of mischievous Fairies, and Jumper the Dragon.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – keeping the focus of the audience

Read a Sample of the Original Script! Updated script for 2022 below

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Cost is $5.00 for this digital script

Contact Off The Wall plays with any queries about Dr George’s Magnificent Zeppelin

Copyright © 2011 Grant Sutor Vuille

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Hang ups – funny one act musicals



What happens when you have a telemarketing room with a bunch of misfits, managed by someone who is apathetic and is owned by an ex con? You have “Hang Ups”. When the owner threatens to fire everyone and replace the manager with his best employee, panic starts to set in. With a cast of characters including a wannabe standup comedian, a sweet but elderly senior whose best days have long since past, an egomaniac and a hair dresser in training, Martin, the manager, has to turn things around- and FAST! With such catchy songs as “Motivate ‘Em”, “A Chopped Liver Sandwhich”, “Invisible Woman” and of course, “Hang Ups” (written by Hartley Mandel and Dee Long- formerly of Klaatu), “Hang Ups” is a musical comedy that will keep audiences listening!

Author: By Morley Shulman
Music and Lyrics by Dee Long and Hartley Mandel

Genre: One act musical

: Funny one act musicals

Length: 60 minutes, one hour

Cast: 6M, 1F

Ages of the actors: Adult, from 20’s to 60’s

Suitable for: All ages

Situated around a plain, rectangular table are five nondescript chairs and 80’s push button telephones. Various coffee cups and and scattered paper is strewn over the table.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – fast paced dialogue that’s funny and good to perform

Read a Sample of the Script

Example of the Musical score for ‘Hang ups – the musical’

Example of the musical score for ‘A Chopped Liver Sandwich’

Example of the musical score for ‘Invisible Girl’

Example of the musical score for ‘Motivate ‘Em’

Cost is $5 for the digital script itself

Cost is $10 for the digital score and mp 3 recordings

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Hang Ups

Copyright © April 2015 Morley Shulman, Dee Long and Hartley Mandel and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Trolls Stole the North Pole – Musical Christmas Play

musical Christmas play


In this musical Christmas play, the trolls decide to steal the ‘North Pole’ and switch it with the very similar looking ‘South Pole’ (It’s literally a pole) That way, Santa’s workshop won’t get any vital deliveries he needs to make presents this year and everyone on earth will be forced to buy the Troll’s toys instead.

What will Santa do? How will he save the day? Or will his wife do it?

A lovely funny play for the holidays for the whole family. TROLLS STOLE THE NORTH POLE was first produced on November 24, 2012 at the Secret Rose Theatre in North Hollywood, California. It ran for seven weeks, through January 6, 2013.

This play is a musical and the music for the play is available through Off the Wall Plays as well.

Author: Art Shulman

Genre: Musical Christmas Play, play for the holidays

Type: Two act musical

Length: 75 minutes

Cast: Twelve, 6M 6F.

Ages of the actors: Children to adult

Suitable for: The whole family

Set: A stage with a pole on it saying ‘North Pole’ on the one side and on the other side, a similar ‘South Pole.’

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – fun lines that need to be delivered quickly to get the humour across.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $7 for this Editor’s Choice script

Contact Off The Wall plays about the music for this play

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Trolls stole the North Pole

© Copyright 2013 Art Shulman

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Molly and the Magic Phone – musical for children

musical for children

BUY a musical play online


This is a one act musical for children. Written with age eleven and under in mind – although it is suitable for children up to around fifteen years old. A serious story with touches of comedy – with scope for being directed in a number of different ways – the emphasis being on participation for the children and entertainment for a young or adult audience.


Country Players, Nelson, New Zealand – 2018

Author: James Chalmers

Genre: Musical for children

Type: One act musical

Cast: Minimum of 10 and up to 15 children

Ages of the actors: Age 11 and under but ages of up to 15 would work

Length: 25 – 30 minutes

Suitable for: Children and the whole family

Set: No set required although the play might benefit from being performed in front of some plain flats – possibly decorated lightly with graffiti. At the front of the stage on either side – are tables for the cards carrying the text messages. The Presenters pick up cards from one side – walk across the front of the stage holding the words up for the audience to read – then they place the cards on the other table. They wait there until the next text message is to be displayed – and they walk back across the other way with the appropriate cards. The words should be on both sides of the cards because the messages are cues for the actor playing the part of Molly.

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – a nice play suitable for a small drama class

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Madrababes – fun filled one act musicals




one act musicals

A fun filled one act musical for six actors,  3F and, er, 2 other F dressed up as men and at least one real man  with a real beard. Madrababes was staged in June 2013 in Swindon, as part of  Madam Renards Mini Fringe to great reviews!


‘One of the main words that popped into my head when I first started watching Madrababes was ‘fun.’ A one act musical made up entirely of madrigals, a form of early music pop music. Please be advised to leave your serious hats at the door for an hour of entertaining quips and silliness, a story of 6 friends finding love through jokes and song. We meet John and Tom, two stylish elegant ‘men’ lamenting their lack of luck with their lady friends Phyllis and Philomela, could it possibly be because they are far more worried about what they’re wearing than displays of manliness?

The ladies are equally lamenting about the lack of decent men in the area when in walks Amyntas, a tall man with a real, not drawn on, beard and a deep voice. Naturally fighting ensues and much harmonised singing. ‘

by Abby Sparrow

Read more about playwright Matt Fox.

Authors: Matt Fox and Jessie Thompson

Genre: One act musicals

Type: One act musicals

Length: Forty minutes

Cast: 6 actors, 5F 1M

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: All ages

Set: Simple stage – suitable for a smaller stage in little theatres or pub theatre type stages but adaptable to the bigger stage as well.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – all performers should be able to sing in harmony from sheet music.

Read a Sample of the script

Read a sample of the sheet music for one of the songs, Whither Away

Cost is $7 for the digital script of this  successfully produced stage play

Cost is $7 for the sheet music for the show

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