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Nights – Funny Musicals – Adaptation of The Arabian Nights


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Under the murderous regime of a bitter King, two sisters, Ria and Dee, set about saving the lives of local girls, through Ria’s gift for telling stories.

Halting the nightly cycle of lust and murder, through a talent for cliff-hanger endings, Dee and Ria survive and thrive.
Performed by two singers and two instrumentalists, ‘Nights’ is a very different, all female adaptation of this famous tale, with a distinctly practical approach to life and surviving men.


‘Blurring the divide between opera and musical theatre, Madam Renards is a company committed to producing vocally challenging, original works for contemporary audiences.
This production is recommended for ages 12 and over due to adult themes.’

“Matt Fox and Jessie Thompson brought a fresh and contemporary flourish of humour within their version of Arabian Night; look out for further performances of musical excellence and storytelling in the coming months” – The Puttyfoot Perspective

“The score sets a pretty high technical standard…the influence of Sondheim and a touch of English Folk music, nicely blended” – The Ocelot

Other musicals by Matt Fox and Jessie Thompson.

Authors:  Matt Fox and Jessie Thompson

Genre:  Funny musicals

Type:  Two-act musicals

Cast:  Cast of 2 women, 2 F

Ages of the actors: Adult actors

Suitable for :  PG 12 – adult themes

Length: One hour long

Set: Simple set –  or black box theatre

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – actors must be musical

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Listen to the soundtrack: The Gift

Listen to the the soundtrack: Greet The Sun

Cost is $7 for this previously staged, well reviewed digital script

Cost is $10 for the digital score for this well reviewed musical show

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Enter Love – Modern Musicals

modern muscials


Enter Love is a musical about the nature and vicissitudes of romantic relationships in the first decade of the 21st century. It is set in an international airport, located in a large city somewhere in the mid-west. The production consists of a series of encounters—with dialogue and music—that take place between an assortment of couples and individuals at various locations—arrival and departure concourses, waiting lounges, baggage check, a coffee shop, restaurant, observation deck, and the central location, a bar—in the airport.

During the course of the production the audience witnesses various manifestations and stages of romantic relationships as the characters pass through on their way from one flight to another, and many times from one delayed, canceled, or redirected journey to another, or the continuation of a relationship full of, as pilots like to say, “Chop.”.

“Enter love”….was first on stage at Civic Theatre in Lafayette, IN and then at the Quest Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. This show started out as  cabaret production at the Cabaret in Indianapolis, IN and it grew into a more complete musical of vignettes set in an airport which provided opportunity for couples and strangers to interact.  

The author will allow workshopping but not a complete rewrite of the script.

Author: Lynn Lupold

Genre: Musical

Type: Two act plays

Length: 90 minutes

Number of actors: Thirteen, 13 7F 6M

Ages of the actors: 20’s- 50’s adult

Suitable for: All ages

Set: A basic set for the production would require some background scrims or screens which could also be used as projection screens for visual backgrounds that could be easily and quickly modified during the production to suggest the different venues within the airport; the staging should include at least two or three set levels, and appropriate and sufficient lighting to transform the stage and set into the various spaces.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – weaving romantic intrigue and interspersing with comic performances

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Cost is $6 for this previously staged play

Cost is $4 for the score alone

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Copyright April 2014 Lynn Lupold and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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And All His Songs Were Sad – play about Sean McCarthy


buy a musical onlineplay about sean mccarthy

AND ALL HIS SONGS WERE SAD” follows the life and works of Irish songwriter Sean McCarthy. It is a drama following the life of this talented musician, who was inspired by the everyday people and events around him, and from these everyday people, created songs of beauty that will be sung for many years to come in this play about Sean McCarthy.

This play was staged by the Pantagleize Theatre Group in Fort Worth, Texas in October 2010  and by the Superior Theatre Company, Douglas, Wisconsin in June 2011.

Author: Mattie Lennon

Characters:  4M, 2F (same characters, different ages)

Genre: Drama, Musical, play about  Sean McCarthy

Type: Full length Musical Stage Play

Length: 1-1.5 hours

Suitable for: All Ages

Ages of Actors: 1F young adolescent, 2M mid adolescent, rest adult

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Price is $6 for this previously staged play from a well known Irish playwright.

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Copyright September 2011 Off The Wall Play Publishers

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SHRIEK! – the Fairytale – pantomime scripts

teen plays online


Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a beautiful Princess. The time: Today. Unbeknownst to her (but beknownst to us), a wicked witch with a beast of a sidekick plans to take over the Kingdom at the Royal Ball held in the Princess’s honor to celebrate her sixteenth birthday. Unbeknownst to the wicked witch (but beknownst to us, of course), THE wickeder witchplans to also take over the magical kingdom at the Royal Ball, using only a magic mirror and a bottle of tomato sauce (ketchup.)

Performance History:

2009 – The Franklin Players, Roosevelt Park
Cornwall, UK – 2015
Abbotts College, Northcliff, South Africa – 2017
John Paul I High School, QC, Canada
Moreton Bay Theatre Company, ACT, Australia – 2021
Royal West Academy, Quebec, Canada – 2022


Author: Claire Linda Demmer

Cast: 10 F 11 M

Genre: Musical+Comedy+ Fairytale+ Pantomime, pantomime scripts

Ages of Performers: 14 years and up

Suitable for: Children from aged 2 to 92. Will appeal to all age groups.

Length of Play: 90 minutes

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 (Crowd Control)

Please note: The songs written in the script are taken from popular music of the last 30 years. Royalties payed for this play do not include the songs – they are merely suggestions and other songs may be substituted. Royalties for each song will have to be paid to the music publishers.

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Cost is $8.00 for this well produced digital script. Just Click Shakespeare!

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Copyright September 2010 Claire Linda Demmer Off The Wall Play Publishers

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