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The Pied Piper of Hawaii (Trouble in The Wild West) – children’s one act

children's one act


In Curly Creek in the American wild west, the Fluffy Rats and their boss, Reg the Rat Man, live in harmony with the townsfolk and keep the town clean and tidy for them. Suddenly the peace of the town is disrupted with the arrival of Rotter Rat and his gang of Bad Rats in this children’s one act. The Mayor of Curly Creek and the townsfolk decide that they need to find a way to get rid of the Bad Rats. Unfortunately, they can’t seem to find anyone who can do the job. Perhaps the mythical Pied Piper of Hawaii could be the man to rid Curly Creek of its troublesome Bad Rats…

Read about best selling children’s playwright Kate Goddard. Other plays for kids (Alien Research) by Kate.

Author: Kate Goddard

Genre: Funny large cast children’s play

Type: Children’s one act musical play

Cast: Twenty six, many of which can either be boys or girls. For smaller classes, some of the smaller parts can be doubled up.

Ages of the actors: Primary school, junior school

Suitable for: Children

Length: Thirty five to Forty minutes as a straight script, sixty minutes if songs are included

Set: The Town of Curly Creek, in the American Wild West

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – lots of funny lines with great characters for the children to play

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6.50 for this new digital children’s script

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Copyright © August 2016 Kate Goddard and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Dr George’s Magnificent Zeppelin – children’s musical plays


children's musical plays


“Doctor George’s Magnificent Zeppelin” involves a zany cluster of characters who are zestfully, if not reluctantly determined to save the globe from the dire consequences of exploitation, prejudice, greed, and the evils of unrepentant egotism. Doctor George’s adventurous crew encounters mermaids, pirates, fairies, an evil queen, and a reluctant dragon. Spirited musical lyrics convey the plot and intentions of the characters. In the guise of a children’s story it pokes fun at the powers that be who mistreat the populace they engage. Cruelty, greed, dictators, and terrorists are all held up to the mirror of vanity, exposing them to the light of repentance and love. Doctor George and his crew continue their journey to save the world and to shed light on the ravages of egotistical tyrants.

Read about playwright Grant Vuille

Author: Grant Vuille

Genre: Children’s musical plays

Type: Two-act play

Cast: 9M 9F

Ages of the actors: Adult – young adult to old

Length: Two hours

Suitable for: The whole family

Set: Doctor George’s home in the land of the free, the United States of America, the skies on the way to Mermaid’s Isle, the pirate’s oceanic domain, and the fabulous, exotic Isle of Jaggar (a.k.a. Jaggar’s Isle) home to King Jaggar, his misguided want-to-be-evil-terrorist wife, Queen Thirteen, a plethora of mischievous Fairies, and Jumper the Dragon.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – keeping the focus of the audience

Read a Sample of the Original Script! Updated script for 2022 below

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Cost is $5.00 for this digital script

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Copyright © 2011 Grant Sutor Vuille

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