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Hot Fudge Pickles – A Small Town Full Length Musical for children

full length musical for children


Ah, the town of Littleton; quiet, unassuming and as normal as its typical inhabitants. Littleton was your average small American town … and home to Alvin. Some say Alvin was born to create havoc,
others say he saved Littleton from itself in this full length musical for children.

As in most stories, in Hot Fudge Pickles: the Musical, it also happened one hot summer’s day, when Alvin was seen by Kristy and Gramps dropping his pickle into some hot fudge. Legend says he dropped the green stick into the gooey concoction, with an air of intention about him. Others say it was an honest mistake. Either way, what happened on that day in the decade of pivots turned Littleton from ‘nothing-happens-here’ to ‘get-me-there-now!’ In this
two-act musical-comedy, we learn that heroes are made from headaches, cuisine can be coo-coo and as unpredictable as Alvin was, so was the creation that came to be known as a Green Monster.

It’s green and covered in fudge…if we told you more than that; we’d have to kill you.


SPAG BOL Productions – Ferny Grove State School, Queensland, Australia – 2018

Authors: Marilyn D. Anderson and Jen Garrett

Type: Full length Musical for children. Two-acts

Genre: Musical Comedy

Cast: Forty three – for smaller classes or drama groups, some parts may be doubled

Ages of the actors: At least 13 cast members are written as children or pre teens and the rest are adults, but it is ideal for children and younger teens aged 9-15.

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 90 minutes

Set: Duncan’s Drug Store front and street
Inside Duncan’s Drug Store with ice cream counter
Town Square

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – a fun script filled with songs that everyone will enjoy

Read a Sample of the Script

All music available as sheet music on request. Have a listen to three of the songs recorded live at a local school production:

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Copyright © July 2017 Marilyn D. Anderson and Jen Garrett and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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