A House of Dolls – Script about a Crazy Family



In this script about a crazy family, Delilah, a young girl studying at college makes a big mistake by inviting her study partner (who just happens to be a boy) round to her house to study together.

Now the females in Delilah’s family, the ‘Austen girls’ are basically made up of women who in their own words “Love men who then break their hearts and leave them!” Besides this tragic characteristic, they all share another – they are beautifully made up and very concerned with their appearances to the point where Delilah’s granny, mother and sister all look very similar, like dolls even. Their world is an old fashioned one – titivate yourself, meet the man of your dreams and get married. That’s what the Austen women do. The fact that Delilah is a physics major baffles them and the fact that she doesn’t want to take over the family hairdressing salon is equally puzzling.

But the real problem for them is that Delilah seems to be making no effort to catch a man. So when she actually brings one round to the house, Heaven help him!

Performance History:
Ajo community players, AZ, USA – 2018

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Author: James Hanson

Genre: Comedy, script about a crazy family

Type: One act play, ten minute play

Cast: 4F, 1M

Ages of the Actors: 3 teens or early twenties, 1 forties, 1 seventies

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to perform

Length: Ten Minutes

Set: The living room in the perfect house.

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – comedic characterization.

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