Love in the Time of Tourette’s – one act romantic comedy

one act romantic comedy


One act romantic comedy for a cast of four, 2M 2F. Celeste’s parents are desperate to get her married off as soon as possible because of her Tourette’s syndrome. Much against her will, they have invited over a young man to meet her in the hopes they they will hit it off. Will he turn out to be Mr Right, or Mr POOPY!!!!?

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Author: Morley Shulman

Type: One act play

Genre: One act romantic comedy

Cast: 4 2M 2F

Length: 15 minutes

Ages of the actors: 2 middles aged, two early twenties

Suitable for: All ages. The worst word used is ‘bugger.’

Set: A typical suburban living room with a table for biscuits

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – a character piece

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