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Say What? One Act Adult Comedy About Dating


Emm’s recovering from the shock of kicking her boyfriend out after finding a thong (not hers and no meant for her) in his bag. The evil, evil evil bastard was cheating on her, he’s gone and she has resorted to comfort food to get her through.  Luckily (or for better, or worse) for her she has the two sides of her brain to get her through this breakup in this adult comedy about dating.

Sarah is the logical side. She thinks it’s about time Emm stopped eating all that ice cream (it makes her fart) and get out there and meet a real man. (And if he’s looking to plough her fields, even better!) Bella is the emotional one. In her opinion, the Ex (Evil, Evil, Evil) deserved that microwave that was thrown at his head. Pity it missed.  Together they’re Sarah-Bella-Emm.

And tonight, Emm’s going on a date. And her brain is going to make sure she’s prepared for every (and I mean every) eventuality.

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Author: Ashley Nader

Type: One Act play

Genre:  Adult Comedy about Dating

Cast: 3F, 1M

Ages of the actors: Young adult to middle aged

Suitable for: Adults only – language and references to sex.

Set: Emm’s living room. There is a couch, exit to a kitchen and a cell/mobile phone.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – delivering the funny and dirty lines with a straight face. 

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6.50 for this digital adult play script

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Burn – Psychological thriller Script

psychological thriller script


In this psychological thriller, Robert, Samira and David are awaiting the arrival of a recently departed friend’s daughter, Eve. Although insure of the reason for her request to meet, they are prepared to welcome her with warm and open arms.  They all have history. Eve’s father, Paul, was a famous horror writer, as was Robert’s wife who went missing about six years ago, vanishing without a trace. Much to everyone’s concern, the mysterious Eve seems to know a lot about Tara’s disappearance and her comments and questions cause great unease. Just as Robert, Samira and David realize there is something undeniably eerie about Eve, she insists on telling a ghost story. A story filled with secrets of Robert’s past.

Eve couldn’t have lead the man to his downfall unless he was already on his way.

Read more about Burn on its website.

Burn premiered at The Gladstone, Ottawa, on August 19th, 2017.

“A highly suspenseful ghost story that holds you in its fiery grip right up until the final moments.”
Allan Mackey, On Stage Ottawa

” Burn is an entertaining and often compelling puzzle, and Patrick Truelove’s Sidekick Players production, built around a commanding central performance, gives full value to the play’s cleverness and intricacy. We really want to find out who did what to whom.”

“To understand and appreciate the ending, we need to be able to follow along the circuitous garden path down which the playwright takes us. And that we do, to the bitter, poetically just end. “

– Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Plays/Vancouver Sun

“fabulous night of storytelling at Dartmouth Players’ Sawmill Theatre last night! Amazing ensemble cast, it was so much fun to watch their collective mood shift as the mystery builds and the plot twists”

– JC Douglas, C100 Radio morning show Halifax


Pasadena Little Theatre, TX, USA – 2021
Vagabond Theatre, Cornwall Ontario, April 2020
Ottawa Little Theatre, Ottawa, Ontario, March/April 2020
Curtain Club Theatre, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Jan/Feb 2020
Sawmill Playhouse, Dartmouth Players, Dartmouth, N.S., February 2019
Tsawwassen Arts Centre, SideKick Players, Vancouver, B.C., September 2018
The Gladstone, Ottawa, Ontario, August 2018
The Avalon Studio, Ottawa, Ontario, August 2017


Author: John Muggleton

Type: Full length one act play

Genre: Tense Drama, Psychological Thriller Script

Cast: 2M 2F (plus voiceovers/recordings of two deceased people 1M 1F)

Ages of the actors: Three in their forties, one in her twenties

Suitable for: Adults to watch and perform

Length: 110 minutes (almost 2 hours)

Set: Robert’s loft apartment

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – building tension is fundamental to the play in this Thriller-Drama script

Read The pages leading up to the climax of the first half of the play

Read a Sample of the Script


Cost is $10.00 for this previously performed digital script

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Copyright © 2017 John Muggleton

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Little Miss Muffet skit

little miss Muffet skit


Once upon a time, little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet. Hang on, what’s a tuffet? Hmmm …. turns out even the narrator doesn’t know. Moving on: “Eating her curds and whey. ” Hang on! Her order hasn’t even come yet! What kind of diner is this anyway? “Sorry, I’m coming!” yells the waitress as the narrator resigns. And let’s not even mention the problem with the spider in this Little Miss Muffet skit.

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Author: Lois Corcoran

Type: Skit

Genre: Comedy skit or sketch

Length: 1-2 minutes. The skit itself is only a page in length.

Cast: 4-5

Ages of the actors: Children, Kids, teens, adults

Suitable for: All ages

Set: Table & chair, giant spider, bowl, frilly dress for Ms. Muffet, waitress costume

Level of difficulty: 5/10 – short, fun easy Little Miss Muffet skit

Read a Sample of the Script

pay now shakespeare

Cost is $4.50 for this digital skit. JUST CLICK SHAKESPEARE!

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Copyright © June 2019 Lois Corcoran and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Sock Hops, Recorders, and Owl Pellets: Tips on Surviving the 4th Grade – children’s comedy SCRIPT

children's comedy script


You know what? Adults are always saying how hard life is with jobs and kids and shopping and cooking and cleaning. But do you know how hard it is to be me? To be a 4th grader? I have tons of responsibilities. I have homework. I have to play the recorder in music class. I have to learn about the body. I have to manage 4 different girlfriends! Wait what day is it today? Tuesday…I have to manage 3 different girlfriends! Oh no…I have a spelling test today.
Poop! Anyway, you get the point. Us 4th graders are much busier than adults!

Tyler is a 4th grader struggling with all your typical 4th grade problems: homework, spelling tests, and of course – girls. From gym class, to music class, and everything in between, Tyler and his friends share their essential tips on surviving 4th grade in this children’s comedy script.

PRODUCTION NOTE: The play has been staged using older teen actors. Part of the charm and humour about the production was that the older actors were playing younger kids. As it is a wordy piece it would also suit teenagers.


Previously produced at the Rarig Center Arena Stage in Minneapolis, MN and at Storybook Land Theatre in Aberdeen, SD.

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Author: Christopher Cartwright

Type: One act play

Genre: Play for primary school, Children’s comedy script

Cast: 2M, 2F

Ages of the actors: 4th graders – approximately 9 to 10 years old

Suitable for: Children to act in and all ages to watch

Length: Forty five minutes

Set: There is no specific set written into the script so it could be as simple as a blank stage, to a classroom, to a playground with wall art

Level of difficulty: 7/10 Wordy. The main characters should be able to have a good memory for words and excellent delivery

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6.50 for this previously produced digital play script

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Copyright © June 2019 Christopher Cartwright and Off the Wall Play Publishers

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Love in the Time of Tourette’s – one act romantic comedy

one act romantic comedy


One act romantic comedy for a cast of four, 2M 2F. Celeste’s parents are desperate to get her married off as soon as possible because of her Tourette’s syndrome. Much against her will, they have invited over a young man to meet her in the hopes they they will hit it off. Will he turn out to be Mr Right, or Mr POOPY!!!!?

Read more about playwright Morley Shulman. Other comedies by Morley.

Author: Morley Shulman

Type: One act play

Genre: One act romantic comedy

Cast: 4 2M 2F

Length: 15 minutes

Ages of the actors: 2 middles aged, two early twenties

Suitable for: All ages. The worst word used is ‘bugger.’

Set: A typical suburban living room with a table for biscuits

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – a character piece

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $8.00 for this digital play script. Just click on Shakespeare!

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Copyright ©January 2015 Morley Shulman and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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