Guy meets Girl – a one hander comedy routine or show

one man comedy show


Guy meets girl is a one act comedy routine for a single male actor.  It follows a day in the life of  an ordinary guy, thinking ordinary guy thoughts, and whose thoughts inevitably turn to the opposite sex and how to, er, impress them.  For all those women out there who actually want to know what that guy they are meeting in a bar is actually thinking, and for those guys out there, who, well know it anyway.

Author: Dewan Demmer

Actors: 1M

Ages of actors:  20s-50s

Genre: Comedy routine, one act comedy monologue

Type: 1 act play monologue, comedy

Length:  20 -25 minutes

Level of difficulty: 7/10  – a good actor needs to hold the audience’s attention.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost $7.50 for this digital one act play

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