Strip Me to the Bone – One Act Sex Comedy



In this one act sex comedy, Michelle is about to be married to Matthew when her ex, Peter comes back into her life. Peter is everything Matthew isn’t – fun and dangerous, but he has also cheated on Michelle in the past.  It’s the night of Michelle’s bachelorette party, and the girls, Samantha, Carol and Claire are surprising her with a male stripper at the notorious ‘Peacock Palace.’  Things get a little out of hand and they end up back at home with the the ‘naked’ stripper. To make matters worse, Peter has spent the night with Michelle and Matthew is on his way over.

Performance History:
Virginia Wesleyan University, VA, USA – 2017
River Valley Players Association, AB, Canada – 2019

Ashley is a small play festival award winning author and has walked away with Best Script, Best Play and Best Director for two of his previous plays, The  love of Cheesecake and My Middle Name is Angry
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Author: Ashley Nader

Genre: Sex comedy, naughty comedy, dirty comedy

Type: One act play

Cast: 4, four women, 4 female 4F

Ages of Actors: late 20’s to late 30’s

Suitable for: PG 18

Length: Twenty to Twenty five minutes. 20-25 minutes

Set: 2 sets – one a nightclub – a bar with bar stools and the second, an ordinary lounge.

Level of Difficulty: 6/10 – an easy script with good dirty lines.

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