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A collection of comedy and drama sketches for teens. The sketches are short – the longest one is about six minutes long and deal with typical issues that affect teens today. From the girl who’s been told she’s too fat, to asking someone out on a date in a very awkward manner, to having someone break into your home and threaten your life, Sketches is a great collection of sketches to put on either as a full play or to simply use the ones you like. Great for auditions for drama class as well as short funny sketches for the holidays or just to have fun, use in drama class and improve your acting technique.

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Author: Timothy Brown

Genre: Comedy and drama sketches for teens

Type: Short one minute to six minute long sketches, funny and dramatic in one great collection

Cast: Monologues to sketches with eight actors in them, but the majority are either for one to three people.

Ages of the actors: Teenagers

Suitable for: Both Junior high and Senior High school or secondary school.

Length: Each sketch varies from one minute to six minutes long and the whole collection is about one and a half hours long

Set: Black box theatre, no set

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – easy sketches written in a conversational manner that should be easy to remember

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