skit on the little mermaid

My little mermaid – Skit on The Little Mermaid

skit on the little mermaid


In this skit on The Little mermaid, Arial, our little mermaid (Not to be confused with the font) has her eye set on Prince Error (an unfortunate name that he couldn’t really help) who is a human. The only way she can get married to him and have lots of little merchildren is to become human. Since she is just sixteen, she just doesn’t have a checking account or even a credit card so she gives the evil sea queen, ”Umbrella” her voice as payment.

But the story ends well – she gets her voice back. Although she kind of sounds like Pinky Pie, nobody minds, really. As long as she doesn’t sing. Ever!! And they live happily ever after.

Production History

High Point Academy, Fort Worth, USA – 2017
The Heath Theatre group, Runcorn, UK – 2018

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Author: Lois and Kelly Corcoran

Type: Skit on fairy tales, short skit

Genre: Comedy, one acts, skits

Cast: 2F, 4M and 1N.

Ages of the actors: Any age

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 4 minutes

Set: Any, at director’s discretion

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – comedy characterization

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Copyright © January 2017 Lois and Kelly Corcoran and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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