Slim FAT commercial – skit about weight loss fads

skit about weight loss fads


This short skit about weight loss fads pokes fun at the weight loss fads and the gimmicks people use as well as the advertisements that promote them. From a thin guy wearing enormous pants to the man in a bikini because “All weight loss adverts have someone in a bikini!” to the referee who appears to break up a fight between the two guys, it’s all fun from beginning to end.

Please note: The full skit is 1.5 pages long – about 2 minutes.

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Author: Lois and Kelly Corcoran

Type: Short skit about weight loss fads

Genre: Comedy, skit, sketch

Cast: 4M or 3M and 1F

Ages of the actors: From older kids to adults

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Two minutes (1.5 pages)

Set: Black box set

Level of difficulty: 5/10 – short , fun easy skit

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