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Shapeless – a full length one act dark satire about body size


Shapeless is a full length one act play within a play about body image and eating disorders. In this play, four actors are trying to put on a comedy play that deals with body size and shape.  Each actress is of a particular size – there is a slightly anorexic girl, a girl with a medium figure and one that is quite overweight. The male character, Mike has written the script and in the play that he has written, he highlights those things that ‘aren’t talked about’ in society, openly mocking the very large and the very thin. The characters bring their own personal experiences and angst to their performances which leads to a build up of tension between the girls as they begin to run each other down ‘in the play’ but start taking it personally in real life.  Although the script the players are putting on is comedic, I would class this play as a drama or a very dark satire.

SHAPELESS was produced by Weird Sister Productions at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto and had a very successful run there. Then it was produced again for the National Eating Disorder Awareness Week at the Robert Gill Theatre in Toronto.

Further Production History

Los Medanos Community College, CA, USA – 2017
Artists Playground, QUEZON, Philippines – 2018

“I, Sean always thought it would make a great touring play. Little set, few actors, a good message while be entertaining at the same time.”

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Author: Sean Carthew

Genre: Drama or  dark satire

Type: Full length one act play

Length:  1- 1.5 hours

Actors:  3F 1M,  three females  or women, one male or man.  There are brief appearances of three other characters which can be played by the same actors or other ones if need be.

Ages of actors:  Young – in their late teens or  early to mid twenties

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – building and maintaining tension

Set: Minimal – it’s supposed to be a stage where they are rehearsing a play

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