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There was a GREAT BIG MOOSE – Canadian satirical horror script

canadian satirical horror script


Like any other city in Ontario, almost nothing out of the ordinary happens in Swords. Heck, nothing unexpected happens in Canada. It’s Canada! The police force has become accustomed to dealing with random animals stuck in the air vents around the metropolis, every morning is a comfortable coffee run, etc. etc. Just the run of the mill small town agenda. That is until the star hockey player of this 3 530 strong city sees what he believes to be half a moose and half a man in one. On the hockey rink no less. The moose-man itself (himself?) believable or not, is not nearly as problematic as the story he has to tell and the secrets that come with it. Swords is about to expect the unexpected, in this one Canadian satirical horror script.

Just how well do you know your town?

Author:  Garrett Ryan

Type: Full length one act play

Genre: Canadian satirical horror script

Cast: 5M, 3F and two voices

Ages of the actors: Adult and one younger girl.

Suitable for: Adults

Length: 90 minutes

Set: Various locations in the small town of Swords. A coffee shop, police station, outdoors, officer Liam’s living room, the woods.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – getting the level of satire and horror correct

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Church of Satan – religious satire script


religious satire script

A young couple, whose church recently burned down under ‘mysterious circumstances,’ are desperately looking for a venue for their wedding which is in two days time. The only venue that seems to be completely open is the local church of Satan. But they do have their reservations. The marble floors are lovely (but maybe that’s because it’s easier to clean the blood off) and the priest seems quite affable (but then there’s the goat…) A religious satire play for those who like to see the funny side of society’s norms and values.


St. Helens High School Drama, OR, USA – 2018
North Hawaii Players, Hawaii, USA – 2018
French-American International School, CA, USA – 2018
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South, NJ, USA – 2019
Chapel Hill Thespians, NC, USA – 2019

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Author: Leon H. Kaye

Genre: Religious satire script, short religious comedy

Type: Ten minute one act play

Length: Ten minutes

Cast: Three 2M 1F

Ages of the actors: 1M 1F in their twenties to forties and one older male

Suitable for: PG 12

Set: An office with a desk and chairs and an exit/door.

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – a fun to do script that speaks for itself.

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Insurance on the Line – Ten Minute plays

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A husband and wife insurance team, Jim and Lisa, are co-hosts on a radio show on which they answer insurance based questions for people that call in. The rosy bubble of their perfect lives bursts one day, with revelations that come out live on air in this ten minute satire.

Read The worst law firm in Merry Old England – a full length farcical play by Leon.

Author: Leon Kaye

Genre: Satire

Type: Ten minute plays, one act plays

Number of actors: 4-5 – the smaller roles may be doubled. 2F 3M

Ages of the actors: Main characters late 30’s to 50’s, 1 young female caller and two others undetermined.

Suitable for: All ages

Slightly to one side but in a prominent location, a radio station announcing booth (or a table with two chairs behind it).

On the table is a microphone in front of each chair. On one or both sides is a telephone switchboard. Between the microphones is a fairly large “Kill” button. LISA and JIM sit at the table.
On the other side the three phone callers appear, holding a telephone receiver or cell phone to their ear. These actors are lighted only when “On.” The playwright’s choice is that the players are actually offstage, and we only hear their amplified voices.

Level of Difficulty: 6/10 – a nice short fast paced play for a small cast.

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Shapeless – a full length one act dark satire about body size


Shapeless is a full length one act play within a play about body image and eating disorders. In this play, four actors are trying to put on a comedy play that deals with body size and shape.  Each actress is of a particular size – there is a slightly anorexic girl, a girl with a medium figure and one that is quite overweight. The male character, Mike has written the script and in the play that he has written, he highlights those things that ‘aren’t talked about’ in society, openly mocking the very large and the very thin. The characters bring their own personal experiences and angst to their performances which leads to a build up of tension between the girls as they begin to run each other down ‘in the play’ but start taking it personally in real life.  Although the script the players are putting on is comedic, I would class this play as a drama or a very dark satire.

SHAPELESS was produced by Weird Sister Productions at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto and had a very successful run there. Then it was produced again for the National Eating Disorder Awareness Week at the Robert Gill Theatre in Toronto.

Further Production History

Los Medanos Community College, CA, USA – 2017
Artists Playground, QUEZON, Philippines – 2018

“I, Sean always thought it would make a great touring play. Little set, few actors, a good message while be entertaining at the same time.”

Read more about  playwright Sean Carthew

Author: Sean Carthew

Genre: Drama or  dark satire

Type: Full length one act play

Length:  1- 1.5 hours

Actors:  3F 1M,  three females  or women, one male or man.  There are brief appearances of three other characters which can be played by the same actors or other ones if need be.

Ages of actors:  Young – in their late teens or  early to mid twenties

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – building and maintaining tension

Set: Minimal – it’s supposed to be a stage where they are rehearsing a play

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Copyright  April  2013 Sean Carthew and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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