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One Fine Day at the Vet – satirical comedy sketch about a nutty client

satirical comedy sketch


In this short satirical comedy sketch, our well meaning vet is taken for a ride by the worst kind of client imaginable.  When she presents her cat (in tears) she swears she has tried everything! Wheat grass, borax acid, extract of turmeric and even tincture of arsenic.  Nothing has worked! Thus, she has decided, after doing some research (On Google, of course) that Fluffy needs to go “Over The Rainbow Bridge” because if nothing works, Fluffy must have “cancer.”

Naturally she is totally nuts, and it turns out that Fluffy actually is quite a young cat, so our helpful vet spends the next few minutes trying to persuade her to let him/her look at Fluffy because it may be something the vet can help with. Of course, Mrs Jones disagrees, because, after all, what could a vet do that she, Mrs Jones couldn’t diagnose and treat just from Google? But … it turns out that it is all a fancy ruse and Mrs Jones has another, far weirder goal in mind.

See the Video of One Fine Day at the Vet  filmed on You Tube by One Fine Day Films

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Author: Claire Linda Demmer (Considine)

Type: Comedy sketch

Genre: Satire, Comedy

Cast: 1F, 1N

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to watch and perform

Length: 8 minutes

Set: The Vet’s consulting room Level of difficulty: 7/10 – getting the satirical humour right. 

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There was a GREAT BIG MOOSE – Canadian satirical horror script

canadian satirical horror script


Like any other city in Ontario, almost nothing out of the ordinary happens in Swords. Heck, nothing unexpected happens in Canada. It’s Canada! The police force has become accustomed to dealing with random animals stuck in the air vents around the metropolis, every morning is a comfortable coffee run, etc. etc. Just the run of the mill small town agenda. That is until the star hockey player of this 3 530 strong city sees what he believes to be half a moose and half a man in one. On the hockey rink no less. The moose-man itself (himself?) believable or not, is not nearly as problematic as the story he has to tell and the secrets that come with it. Swords is about to expect the unexpected, in this one Canadian satirical horror script.

Just how well do you know your town?

Author:  Garrett Ryan

Type: Full length one act play

Genre: Canadian satirical horror script

Cast: 5M, 3F and two voices

Ages of the actors: Adult and one younger girl.

Suitable for: Adults

Length: 90 minutes

Set: Various locations in the small town of Swords. A coffee shop, police station, outdoors, officer Liam’s living room, the woods.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – getting the level of satire and horror correct

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Copyright © January 2019 Garrett Ryan and off The Wall Play Publishers

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Childish Authors – one act comedy about the classroom for a mix of adults and kids

comedy about the classroom


You’re an author. You’ve written a book for children that you think they’ll love. So when the local school invites you to a book reading for nine year olds you jump at the chance. Poor you. You should never have done that. Apparently your book about modern moms with nannies and dads who drive SUV’s isn’t quite what you thought it was. The kids are quick to point out that there was no way that Holly would have paid for an ad to hire her own nanny and the fact that the mom posts pics of herself on the internet is obviously completely inappropriate for a children’s book in this one act comedy about the classroom.

Luckily their teacher has wised up after a year with these little brats and she knows just what to do to fix it. And it doesn’t involve raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

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Author: Leon Kaye

Type: One act comedy about the classroom

Genre: Comedy, children, school

Cast: 3 adults (F), 6 children (3M 3F)

Ages of the actors: One older woman in her 60’s, two in their 30’s and kids are around 9 years of age

Length: 30 minutes

Suitable for: All ages to watch, kids and adults to perform. Adult roles should ideally be played by adults.

Set: Empty stage with barstools, a carpet for the kids to sit on and three pocket books.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – words are easy to learn for the kids but there is a lot of satire in this sketch that needs to come across.

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Copyright © August 2018 Leon Kaye and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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