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One Fine Day at the Vet – satirical comedy sketch about a nutty client

satirical comedy sketch


In this short satirical comedy sketch, our well meaning vet is taken for a ride by the worst kind of client imaginable.  When she presents her cat (in tears) she swears she has tried everything! Wheat grass, borax acid, extract of turmeric and even tincture of arsenic.  Nothing has worked! Thus, she has decided, after doing some research (On Google, of course) that Fluffy needs to go “Over The Rainbow Bridge” because if nothing works, Fluffy must have “cancer.”

Naturally she is totally nuts, and it turns out that Fluffy actually is quite a young cat, so our helpful vet spends the next few minutes trying to persuade her to let him/her look at Fluffy because it may be something the vet can help with. Of course, Mrs Jones disagrees, because, after all, what could a vet do that she, Mrs Jones couldn’t diagnose and treat just from Google? But … it turns out that it is all a fancy ruse and Mrs Jones has another, far weirder goal in mind.


Wilmslow Guild Players, Cheshire, UK – 2021

See the Video of One Fine Day at the Vet  filmed on You Tube by One Fine Day Films

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Author: Claire Linda Demmer (Considine)

Type: Comedy sketch

Genre: Satire, Comedy

Cast: 1F, 1N

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to watch and perform

Length: 8 minutes

Set: The Vet’s consulting room Level of difficulty: 7/10 – getting the satirical humour right. 

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You Wanted To See Me? Comedy sketch about being late for work

comedy sketch about being late for work


Roger is a guy with a problem. A problem that’s recently become more and more noticeable to his line manager. What is it? Well -in the past two months he’s been late for work pretty much three days out of five. For a number of reasons. The usual ones – his alarm didn’t go off and his car wouldn’t start. And…those that are a little less usual, such as having a flock of giant bunnies gallop past his window one morning and being mugged for his travel card by a man in a dress. Not to mention the dognapping for half a million pounds he was recently involved in. The thing is – every single one of these reasons is true. Completely true. And today he’s being called to the big boss’s office to have a little meeting about it in this comedy sketch about being late for work.


Bowraville Theatre Players, New South Wales, Australia – 2020
Break A Leg Theatre, AB, Canada – 2023


The author will allow workshopping of the language in the script to make it more local to the area is it being staged.

Other plays by award winning playwright Claire Linda Demmer – Waiting – two hander ten minute comedy about being stuck in the queue to go to the toilet.

Author: Claire Linda Demmer

Type: Comedy sketch about being late for work

Genre: Comedy, one act, sketch

Length: Seven minutes

Cast: Cast of 2, Roger should be male but Mr Smith could be either gender

Ages of the actors: 1 middle aged to older, 1 younger to middle aged

Suitable for: Adults – language, one reference to sex . This can be edited out if younger performers are to stage it.

Set: A typical manger’s office. There is a single door leading into the office. There is a desk with a phone and a sheaf of papers which the manager will consult. There are two chairs – both armchairs. The one armchair for Roger should have those narrow type of arms that look a bit flimsy.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – this play can make use of physical comedy to add to the humour if the performers wish to.

Read a Sample of the Script

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Copyright © July 2018 Claire Demmer and Off the Wall Play Publishers

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