Trump – I’m not a RACIST! Skit

Donald Trump skit


Donald Trump is sitting tweeting one day, when a very nervous Press Secretary enters, saying that they need to talk. About? “Well – about the allegations.” “Allegations?” “That you’re racist. Racist?!!!!” Trump is flabbergasted. He can’t be racist. Most of his staff are Mexicans. So he can’t be. And he eats at Taco Bell. And he lets the black guy win at The Apprentice sometimes. Donald sets out to set things right in the only way he knows how in this Trump racist skit.

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Author: Demarquis Johnson

Type: Short comedy skit about Donald Trump

Genre: Comedy, political, skit, satire, Trump racist skit

Cast: 2M or 1M/1F

Ages of the actors: Adult

Length: Two minutes. This is a short skit. The entire play is two pages long.

Suitable for: All ages to watch and younger teens up to perform

Set: Donald Trump’s office

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – characterization as actors are playing a well known specific role.

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Cost is $4.00 for this digital skit

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Copyright © July 2018 Demarquis Johnson and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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