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Slim FAT commercial – skit about weight loss fads

skit about weight loss fads


This short skit about weight loss fads pokes fun at the weight loss fads and the gimmicks people use as well as the advertisements that promote them. From a thin guy wearing enormous pants to the man in a bikini because “All weight loss adverts have someone in a bikini!” to the referee who appears to break up a fight between the two guys, it’s all fun from beginning to end.

Please note: The full skit is 1.5 pages long – about 2 minutes.

Other skits by Lois and Kelly Corcoran – So Easy, a Caveman can do it – short skit about inventing the wheel

Author: Lois and Kelly Corcoran

Type: Short skit about weight loss fads

Genre: Comedy, skit, sketch

Cast: 4M or 3M and 1F

Ages of the actors: From older kids to adults

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Two minutes (1.5 pages)

Set: Black box set

Level of difficulty: 5/10 – short , fun easy skit

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Copyright © February 2019 Lois and Kelly Corcoran and Off the Wall Play Publishers

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Trump – I’m not a RACIST! Skit

Donald Trump skit


Donald Trump is sitting tweeting one day, when a very nervous Press Secretary enters, saying that they need to talk. About? “Well – about the allegations.” “Allegations?” “That you’re racist. Racist?!!!!” Trump is flabbergasted. He can’t be racist. Most of his staff are Mexicans. So he can’t be. And he eats at Taco Bell. And he lets the black guy win at The Apprentice sometimes. Donald sets out to set things right in the only way he knows how in this Trump racist skit.

Other Trump skits by Demarquis – Trump – American Nightmare!

Author: Demarquis Johnson

Type: Short comedy skit about Donald Trump

Genre: Comedy, political, skit, satire, Trump racist skit

Cast: 2M or 1M/1F

Ages of the actors: Adult

Length: Two minutes. This is a short skit. The entire play is two pages long.

Suitable for: All ages to watch and younger teens up to perform

Set: Donald Trump’s office

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – characterization as actors are playing a well known specific role.

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Cost is $4.00 for this digital skit

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Copyright © July 2018 Demarquis Johnson and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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By Faith – Christian Skits

Christian skits


A short Christian skit about having faith and what having faith means. A young man who doesn’t believe in any God meets a pastor on the road who demonstrates to him what Faith is and what it means.

A short one and a half page skit suitable for Bible study groups, Sunday school and other Christian church groups.


Port Lincoln High School, Australia – 2020


Read other sketches by Demarquis – Trump – American Nightmare.

Author: Demarquis Johnson

Type: Short Christian skits

Genre: Comedy skit or sketch, specifically Christian

Cast: 2M, two males but could easily be played by either sex

Ages of the actors: Kids up

Suitable for: Kids up

Length: 1 and a half minutes

Set: Black box stage – it’s meant to be a road or sidewalk

Level of difficulty: 5/10 – easy short skit.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $4 for this short Christian digital skit

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Copyright © March 2018 Demarquis Johnson and Off the Wall Play Publishers

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Launching a Kid’s Comedy Club – book of skits

book of skits


Launching a Kid’s Comedy Club is a full length book that not only contains over 100 pages of skits for you to enjoy and act out, but also step by step instructions for just about anything related to drama and kids. From how to make basic costumes and props, including useful links, to how to video and use movie maker to edit your videos, how to write your own skits, how to act out skits as well as how to launch a kid’s comedy club! (Obviously)

Each skit comes with a basic props list (with easy to find things you have at home or can easily make) and stage directions and most of the skits are written for a few actors at a time, so that everyone involved can take part.

Written by one of our bestselling skit writers, Lois Corcoran, this book is great for those who are just looking for a set of skits to perform at their club, church group or school, and also for those people more into drama, props and script writing.

Because this is actually a whole book and not a script, it will be available in digital format as usual, but can also be ordered as a printed version for your bookshelf.
All profits from this book will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Included in the book:

Airport Insecurity

Are We There Yet?

Belly and the Beast


Doctor Duplicate

Dr. Joker & Mr. Hide-and-Seek

Face-blech Skit


Froggy Prince

Geezer of Oz

Genie Skit


Hairy Plumber


Jack and the Beano

Juleo & Romiet

Law Firm Commercial

Little Shack in the Back

Nasty Drew

One Hot Knight

Orphan Antsy

Prince and the Poor Schmuck

Ripe Van Wrinkle


Robinson Clueless

Santa Skit

Sure-thing Homes

Snow Bank and Some Vertically Challenged People

Start Wreck

Tame Sawyer


Tex Mex

Thanksgiving Skit

Three Little Hogs

Time Machine

Wheel Make a Fortune


MINI-PLAY – Chronicles of Blarnia

Author: Lois Corcoran

Type: Book of skits

Genre: ”How to” books, comedies, skits, drama club

Length: Each skit in the book is about 3-4 minutes long and there is one longer play in four scenes, which is about 10 minutes long. There are 100 pages of skits and the rest of the book is instructional.

Suitable for: Kids (children), teenagers, drama class, drama teachers, schools, church groups, scouts and family gatherings.

Read an example of one of the skits, Orphan Antsy

Excerpt from the book – giving kids the confidence to act with Ice Breakers

Excerpt from book about basic costumes and home made props

pay now shakespeare

Buy the digital script for ‘How to launch a kid’s comedy club’ for $13.50. Just Click Shakespeare!


Buy the 200 page printed book for How to Launch a Kid’s Comedy Club for $24.95 (shipping not included)

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Copyright © 2016 Lois Corcoran

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