Would you let me fin……………………………..ish? Skit for two women

skit for two women


A skit for two women about a semi famous psychic, Martha and her ardent fan, Amy.  Amy who is just walking down the street bumps into Martha and instantly recognizes her from her book, “Psychic Dreams and Premonitions.” They get to talking, although to be fair, neither lets the other finish her sentences, and keeps interrupting the other.

Amy, who fancies herself as an amateur psychic tells Martha about her most recent dream. About Martha. Martha starts out with an interpretation but doesn’t get a chance to respond.  Then Amy does the same thing until they are both slightly annoyed with each other.  Martha decides to get rid of Amy. But how will Martha she do it?  Well, in the most elaborate way possible. Using a psychic vision, of course!

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Author: Leon Kaye

Type: Comedy skit for two women, comedy sketch

Genre: Two person skit, comedy

Cast: 2F

Ages of the actors: In their thirties

Suitable for: All ages to watch and adults to perform

Length: 8 minutes

Set: The street.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $4.50 for this two person digital skit.

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