Handsome and Griddle – funny short skit



When Handsome and Griddle’s henpecked father conveniently ‘loses’ them in the forest because their stepmother needs ‘her sanity,’ the local witch finds them and takes them home for a nice bath in her cauldron. She’s had to give up her lovely gingerbread cottage because the property taxes were killing her, but she plans to cook them anyway…

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Author: Lois and Kelly Corcoran

Genre: Fairytale skits

Type: Funny short skit

Cast: Cast of 6, 2M 3F 1N

Ages of the Actors: Any age of actors – can be performed by children to adults or a mix

Suitable for: Suitable for all ages, great for schools, churches, scouts, clubs and just for fun

Length: 4 minutes long

Set: Simple set – cauldron/picture of one needed

Level of Difficulty: 6/10 – easy fun skit for everyone

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