How we Saved our Homeroom Teacher – play for younger children

play for younger children


When the second grade class arrive at school, they find that their teacher, Mrs Harper has vanished. Finding a nasty note on the desk, they realise that she has not only vanished but has been kidnapped! But they have a chance. If they can solve seven puzzles set to them, they may get her back. But they must hurry, before it’s too late.
Will they get their beloved Homeroom teacher back or will the evil Wizard (who incidentally lives next door to the school janitor’s office) win and keep her a prisoner forever in this play for younger children?

The nature of the play is not only to teach children rhyming poetry, but it also features seven puzzles, which are being solved logically by a team of classmates, teaching teamwork manners and thinking logically. It also teaches children to respect their homeroom teachers, as they are the ones teaching them not only all of the main subjects, but also how to work in teams, how to respect each other and how to think logically and not give up, when solving difficult problems.

How we saved our homeroom teacher is a play for younger children in rhyming poetry, aimed at second graders, but if the children playing it speak English as a second language, the play is easily adaptable for third or fourth grade children, according to the judgement of the teacher directing it.


Bemidji Community Theater, MN, USA – 2022
Alfred Binet School, KY, USA – 2022

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Author: Olga Gavrilova

Type: One act play

Genre: Rhyming play for younger children

Length: Thirty minutes

Cast: 3M, 6F, 1N. The adult roles can be played by children as well if wished. There are 3 adult roles.

Ages of the actors: Second grade approximately so ages 7-10

Suitable for: Primary school children and children for whom English is a second language

Set: A classroom and the Evil Wizard’s house

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – the amount of lines to remember may be slightly challenging for 6 and 7 year olds but fine for older children closer to 10.

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