King of the Sea – short play for children

short play for children


In this short play for children, all the creatures in the sea get together to decide who should be their king. Each creature gets his or her turn to tell the others why they think they should be king.

The play is written in rhyming verse, which makes it easy for younger children to remember and ideal for school productions for younger school children up to the age of eight.  It is also suitable for students whose second language is English.

Author: Olga Gavrilova

Genre: Short play for children

Type: 5 minute one act play

Length: 5 minutes

Cast:  8 children plus chorus as ‘the waves’

Ages of the actors: Suitable for children aged 5-8 years of age

Suitable for: Infant school, primary school

Set: Simple – school stage setting of ”under the sea.”

Level of difficulty: 5/10 – easy to remember words, but obviously age dependent. 


Tara School, New South Wales, Australia – 2019
American School of Paris, Paris, France – 2019

Read a Sample of the Script

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