Boy 1 – science fiction play for teens


science fiction play for teens


It is the future in a female dominated society. Artificial insemination guarantees the birth of female babies only but a mistake has been made. Twins are born and the boy, Stephen, also known as boy-1 is allowed to live, but without him knowing, his every move is being watched by a group known as ‘The Operation.’ The twins are separated at a young age, and Stephen is sent to live with a family who watch him grow. However, he never forgets his twin, Seneca and one day when he meets her by accident, he follows her to her apartment.

Seneca is however, not who she seems to be, as she is totally loyal to the operation, hating all men. When he has gone, she reports Stephen to the Operation, and in the middle of the night, Stephen is kidnapped by two Operation girls and is brought to Operation Headquarters where he is made a prisoner. Doctor Cartise, the ruler entrusts Liberty, a male hating young woman to guard Stephen who remains under their control for months.

However, Seneca, who is a favourite of Dr Cartise becomes aware that Liberty and Stephen have grown dangerously close and confronts Stephen, who tells her everything, never believing his own sister would betray him to The Operation, and thus his own death….

Author: Claire Caviglia

Type: One act play

Genre: Science fiction play for teens

Cast: 18F 1M

Ages of the actors: Older children, teens and a few adults but all can be played by teens of various ages, with make up

Suitable for: PG 10 (Mild violence end of play)

Length: 45 minutes

Set: The stage is split into a number of scenes – an office, an apartment or bedroom and the orphanage.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 crowd control and scene changes

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6 for this previously staged digital science fiction play for teens

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