Memory Palace – a poignant family drama play spanning generations

family drama play


A family’s home is their castle, a place where their dreams are made.

A family portrait is delicately unravelled in this generational two-act family drama play about the Fischer’s. From the purchase of the family home by Nancy and Daniel, the complicated and often tense concept of family is explored in a series of recollections throughout the Fischer’s history. Recollections shared by sisters, mother and daughter, grandchild and grandfather, memories happy and devastating as well as those that reveal secrets or rather the inquiring bottomless pit of any family dynamic. Memory Palace thoughtfully sheds light into the notion that human beings can be both complicated and amusingly simple at the same time.

MEMORY PALACE was commissioned by The Visiting Nurse Association of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties in Vermont in 2013 and was first presented as part of The Full Circle Festival, a series of workshops and theatrical presentations on the subject of aging, in April 2014.

Author: Maura Campbell

Type: Two act play

Genre: Family drama play

Cast: Mains: 4F 3M (5 children 4M 1F and one 20 something play younger versions of the main parts. 1-2 minor parts as well)

Ages of the actors: Children through to older actors

Suitable for: All ages

Length:Two hours

Set: The home of Nancy and Daniel Fischer. Time is fluid and moves between the present and memories of the past. Lighting and incidental music are helpful for audiences to grasp time and place transitions.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – keeping the pace in this family drama play

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