Down by the River – ten minute romantic comedy script

ten minute romantic comedy script


A ten minute romantic comedy script in which Cindy, a thirty something divorced woman meets Brandon, also a thirty something, and also divorced man in a bar. They get on quite well, and he hints at a cabin down by the river where they could go. The date ends well, and they part, planning to meet up.

 However, the next time they meet it isn’t Cindy but Sandy, Cindy’s twin sister who is there as a prank (and to find out more about him!); Brandon certainly thinks Sandy is Cindy.  
Some small show, MA, USA – 2023

Author: Randall Davis Barfield

Type: Ten plays, short one acts

Genre: Ten minute romantic comedy script

Cast: Cast of four – 2M (one very small part) 2F

Ages of the actors: Three thirty something, one small part in college

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Ten minutes

Set: An upmarket bar

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – easy dialogue. Only challenge would be two F that look very similar. But could be achieved with the use of a wig etc as the two girls are only on stage for a second at the end as the one waves to the other

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