Try Psychology – melodramatic comedy in two acts

melodramatic comedy in two acts


It’s The “Castle’ Inn, a once elegant inn in a rustic setting, now a room and board establishment presided over by the buxom Margery and now unfortunately, badly in debt.

Margery’s famous cooking is doing its part in keeping the paying clientele away, and today, only one guest is reluctantly eating his way through the aforementioned cooking. He’s called Stanley and he’s got his fingers in more than one pie. He was previously engaged to the Maid at “The Castle Inn,” Lola, who has unceremoniously dumped him for his many flirtations, which include an aspiring actress, Rhoda, who he promised to put on stage (but now he unfortunately can’t because he has run out of money) and the buxom Margery (without her knowledge he has purchased the Castle Inn – hence his lack of money).

Margery and Percy’s marriage is on the rocks, as he has tolerated her cooking long enough. Today Percy’s leaving her to run his hot-dog stand in peace.

Author:  George Freek

Genre: Melodramatic comedy

Type: Two-act play

Cast: Seven actors, 4M 3F

Ages of the actors: Adult  – Twenties to Fifties

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Ninety minutes

Set:  The All-purpose room of ‘The Castle’ Inn. At the right is a dining table and
door to the kitchen. An entrance door is center, rear. At left, down, is a piano
up from it doors, presumably to rooms. There is a sofa by the piano.

Level of Difficulty:  8/10 – achieving the mix of melodrama, dry wit and slapstick that is this lovely piece, er, without going overboard.

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