Falls into Place – a Double Crossing Whodunit set in the Swinging Sixties


When dentist Roland Tremaine’s wife and brother’s bodies turn up dead in a seedy hotel in Brighton, he is the prime suspect. But is it all a ruse? A British double crossing whodunit.

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a double crossing whodunit with a twist


It’s 1960. Roland Tremaine and his wife Helen have just moved into the Penthouse suite of a new fabulous apartment block in fashionable Brighton in this double crossing whodunit. Roland’s dental practice is doing well, and he has just hired a new dentist, Richard Maddox to help him run his busy practice. But today, instead of celebrating, Helen has gotten a call from her mother, who isn’t at all well, asking her to come and vist her urgently. Roland’s brother, Clive, who Helen doesn’t really like and refers to as ‘a bit of a letch’ has popped in to see their new abode and offers to take her to the station so she can catch the train down.

They drive off and Roland thinks nothing of it, until two policemen arrive at the door, saying that a tragic accident has occurred and they fear that two bodies found in a seedy hotel belong to none other than his wife and brother.  Foul play is suspected. And as he is the sole beneficiary in both of their wills, this makes him a suspect in their murder. But Roland hasn’t left the apartment at all. In fact, he is inclined to believe that there hasn’t even been a murder and this is all some kind of elabourate joke orchestrated by the lovely Helen, who adores making up plays and trying them out in real life. But is it? Or could it all be horrribly true?


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Author: Stan Thompson

Type: Short Twoact Play

Genre: Crime, double crossing whodunit, British

Length: Forty to Sixty minutes

Cast: Seven, 6M 1F

Ages of the actors: All adult. The main characters are middle aged and the other vary but start from their twenties up.

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to perform

Set: The action throughout takes place in the spacious and fashionable, open-plan, high-rise, penthouse apartment at Marine Plaza, adjacent to Brighton’s seafront.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – the play is full of unexpected twists and turns so the players should be aware of this

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