Treasure Seekers – Children’s Adventure Play


Two orphans learn that they are noble, but poor. Rumours of the family treasure leads them to seek it out through time, aided by a magical mole in this children’s adventure play.

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Children's adventure play


For Edward and Elfrida, two young orphans who’ve lived a life that orphans usually do, the whisperings of an inheritance long misused generations before them, is certainly enticing! In this children’s adventure, Edward and Elfrida have just been told that their grand uncle has died and he left no heirs, a title and no money (really). The rumours of a treasure in the castle of their grand uncle’s names sake, are just as thrilling for the kids as Edward new title of ”Lord” is in this children’s adventure play. So what do the childrens do? Well, what any rational child, who has known nothing but hardship would; follow the trail that leads to the treasure, of course and in no less than two acts! The hunt begins and the kids take a trip down memory lane in the most jarring and fantastical way.

How far back would you go for the treasure of a lifetime?

Treasure seekers is based on two well loved novels by E.S. Nesbit – Harding’s Luck and The House of Arden, both in public domain.

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TCT Beekay Theatre, Tehachapi, CA
Mount Players Youth Theatre, Victoria, Australia – 2021

Author: Tanis Galik. Poetry by Morgan Jordan

Type: Two-Act Play

Genre: Children’s Adventure play

Length: Ninety minutes

Cast: Large Cast 27M 13F plus crowds. Many parts are one liners and can be played by a much smaller cast.

Ages of the actors: Older children and up

Suitable for: All ages to watch and older children and up to perform

Set: Multiple locations through time in England. The family castle/manor.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – multiple costumes, sets and cast. But a fantastic adventure!

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Copyright © October 2019 Tanis Galik, Morgan Jordan and Off the Wall Play Publishers

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