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Funny primary school play. After earth is destroyed, aliens exploring earth find some old books and bring them to life with hilarious consequenses.




In a Galaxy far far away, on Planet Varney, some time in the future… Captain Skirt from the Alien Research Unit has just returned from his journey to Planet Earth. Earth was abandoned by its population some time ago, after all the trees were destroyed, and life was no longer sustainable. A colony of people from Earth is now living on a planet called ‘Vif’. Captain Skirt has returned from his mission with an interesting discovery: Books! In order to study the contents of the books that he has brought, the Head of the Alien research unit brings each book to life. They reveal fascinating information about the ‘aliens’ and what life was like on Planet Earth. A funny play for primary school with a big cast.

Performance History:Brewer Middle School, SC, USA – 2017

Brewer Middle School, SC, USA – 2017
Renaissance College, Hong Kong, China – 2017
La Selle College, Ansfere, South Africa – 2017
Hello Speech and Drama, NSW, Australia – 2017
Headwaters School, TX, USA – 2018
Red Door Theatre, AL, USA – 2018
Whitfield State School, Queensland, Australia – 2018
Windsor elementary, UT, USA – 2018
Tara School, New South Wales, Australia – 2019
Curro Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa – 2019
The School at AIPA, New South Wales, Australia – 2019
Madison Central School District, SD, USA – 2020
Madison High School, NE – 2020
The Little Bridge School, Shanghai, China – 2021
The Founder Academy, NH, USA – 2021
St Bernards Primary School, Western Australia, Australia – 2021
Sonoma Charter School, CA, USA – 2022
Sonoma Charter School, CA, USA – 2023
Cornerstone Learning Community, FL, USA – 2023
Central High School, TN, USA – 2023
Broadview-Thomson K-8 School, WA, USA – 2023
StageStruck Theatre, NC, USA – 2023

Read about playwright Kate Goddard.

Author: Kate Goddard

Genre: Play for children, children’s play

Type: One act play

Cast: Up to 40 children but many parts can easily be played by the same children for a smaller class. A minimum of 15 children would be needed to allow for costume changes.

Ages of the Actors: 7-12

Suitable for: Children

Length: 25-30 minutes but cutting is allowed.

Set: Simple – the alien research unit – there should be a screen or large cloth but the set is at the discretion of the director.

Level of Difficulty: 6/10 – the scenes are short and funny and the kids can play around with them and enjoy them without being bogged down by learning too many words.

Read a Sample of the Script

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Copyright © April 2015 Kate Goddard and Off the Wall Play Publishers

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