The Return of the Idol – Adventure Comedy Script for Teens and Children


Adventure comedy script for teens and children. British explorers are captured by the Awola tribe and held hostage in exchange for the return of an idol.


Adventure comedy script for teens and children


Once upon a time (well, quite recently in fact) there was a mysterious but remote island known as Great Essex which was discovered and found to be populated by the Awola Tribe. Naturally, the island needed to be explored, studied and mapped by the civilized world, which duly sent a number of anthropologists and explorers to Great Essex to do just that in this adventure comedy script for teens and children.

And just what is happening right now on Greater Essex?   When explorers Hubert and Alan get separated from the rest of the explorers (Ian, Fergus, Ranald, George and Lewis) they are welcomed by the Awola tribe as guests (surprisingly) and hostages (fascinatingly) at the same time. While Ian, Fergus, Ranald, George and Lewis continue their ‘civilized man’s ‘ work,  Alan and Hubert take a keen interest in the lives of the Awola, going to war with them, taking their present sticky wickets and teaching the tribe cricket, sharing and sharing in the rich histories of both cultures through song and finding out the enchanting secrets of a tribe unknown to the larger, modern world.

News of the capture of the two reaches the Empire and the request of the return of an idol belonging to the Awola (and currently in the hands of blasted Slothia) in exchange for the explorers puts into effect the discovery of more than just a new language or the love of song… It’s about what it really means to be a part of the human race and how tremendous the term really is.

The return of the Idol has had a recent performance by children, but the play could be performed by any age. 


SPAG BOL Productions – Ferny Grove State School, Queensland , Australia – 2023

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Author: Nicholas Richards

Genre: Adventure comedy script for teens and children

Type: Two-act play

Cast: 24 characters plus extras.

Ages of the actors: Older children, teens and adults to watch and perform

Suitable for: All ages to watch

Length: One hour

Setting: The action is set in the remote island of Great Essex, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, the household of a retired brigadier, and the central European Republic of Slothia.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – there are 3 languages used in the script – English and two fictional languages – from Greater Essex and the Republic of Slothia. This can be technically challenging but very funny with the right delivery by the actors.

Read a Sample of the Script

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