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In this one act comedy, Nora is anxiously preparing for a big date, when her next door neighbour, Mrs Henderson, arrives at the door with a family emergency and asks if she could leave her sixteen year old son, Brody with Nora for a short time. Nora says yes, of course, but what she doesn’t know is that while she was getting ready, the hem of her skirt had gotten caught in her waistband on the one side, exposing half of her bottom and her thong for Brody to see.

A lovely piece for three actors with great comic elements but also shows the development of the characters as the play progresses.

“Am I Good,” written by Jean Blasiar and directed by Sarah Albertson with a screamingly funny performance by the youthful Caber Russell as Brody and an innocently sexy performance by Ann McCormick as Nora Fisher. “

 To commemorate its 20th year of offering up the “8 Tens @ Eight” festival, a smorgasbord of 10-minute plays, the Actors’ Theatre this year is produced 16 playlets, one of which was ‘Am I good?’

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Author: Jean Blasiar

Genre: One act comedy scripts

Type: One act play

Cast: Three 2F 1M

Ages of the actors: One middle aged F (small part), one F in her twenties and one M aged 16

Length: Twenty minutes

Suitable for: PG 14

Set: An ordinary living room with flowers, candles, wine and a bottle opener.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – comic to more serious elements in this play for two main actors

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