Carmilla – Stage Play about Vampires based on a Classic Tale (Print)



The second world war is about to begin. But Laura and her father remain isolated, living in a part of the Austrian countryside all-but-deserted for hundreds of years. When there is a car accident outside the mansion,  and Carmilla, a young women inside the car appears to be in shock, her mother begs them to take the young girl in.  As Carmilla’s health is delicate, Laura’s father allows the Countess to leave her daughter in their care. But her mother never returns. Laura and Carmilla spend every waking moment together and over time, the two girls develop a deep passion for each other.
But the ancient curse that once swept the surrounding countryside returns, leaving almost a dozen young girls dead in its wake. People begin to sicken and waste away, eventually passing into the next world as bloodless husks. There is talk of the family that once lived in the very same  castle, and whose portraits bear a striking resemblance to Carmilla.  People then begin to talk of vampires, as if they are real…

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Carmilla is an adaptation of the 1872 novella by the same name (the novella is in public domain since Joseph Sheridan LeFanu died in 1873.)

Performance Accolades:
Carmilla has had five productions.
The first at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre in North Hollywood in February and March 2014
Then by the Harlequin Players at Cayuga Community College in upstate New York.
This latter production was invited to be part of the Theatre Association of New York State Festival where it won four awards. — Meritorious Achievement in Direction to Director Bob Frame, Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Edward Gould for his portrayal of Fontaine, Meritorious Achievement in Lighting Design to Rob Fragoman, and Excellence in Scenic Design to Virginia Fennessy.
Recently, Carmilla had a third production by the Actaeon Players in Los Angeles in October-November 2015.
The fourth production was by the Reedy Point Players in Delaware October 2016
The fifth by East Michigan University in December 2016.

Performance History:
Columbia College, Chicago, IL, USA – 2017
Cedar Crest College, PA, USA – 2019
Department of Theatre Arts, Towson University, MD, USA – 2020

Author: David MacDowell Blue

Genre: Horror, thriller, drama stage play script about vampires

Type: Full length one act play

Cast: Cast of 9, 5F, 4M

Ages of the Actors: For actors from their late teens, early twenties to older adult

Suitable for: Suitable for all ages

Length: 80 minutes

Set: Play takes place in a small apartment in the city of Gratz, Austria. During the course of the story, the apartment fills in and/or transforms into the area in and around an old mansion in the Austrian countryside.

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – pacing

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Copyright September 2015 David Macdowell Blue and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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