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two act comedy drama

two-act comedy drama scripts


In this interesting script that can be played either as a drama, a comedy or a mixture of both, Barbara, an eighty nine year old woman who is dying, is now living with her daughter, son in law and teenage granddaughter. Barbara is very old and is beginning to show signs of dementia. Stewart has lost his job and is stuck at home having to look after Barbara. Lindsey, his wife is frazzled and frustrated and also desperately worried about her mother.

The family is desperate to find a solution to the huge mountain of debt that they have found themselves in since Stewart lost his job. Tensions run high and having to care for Barbara seems to just make Stewart’s life more stressful than ever.

Author Mark McQuown is a produced award winning screenwriter.


Tarleton State University, USA – 2016


Author: Mark McQuown

Genre: Comedy Drama scripts

Type: Two act play

Ages of the actors: One older F, M and F 40’s-50’s, teenage F.

Suitable for: PG 10 -language

Set: The set is a stylized version of Lindsay and Stewart’s home which mainly consists of a higher, middle platform with a dining room table and chairs and two smaller, lower platforms which are Lindsay’s sewing room and Stewart’s writing room.
Stewart’s writing room has a couch a chair and small computer table with computer.
Lindsay’s sewing room is mainly a mess of costumes and costume pieces on a bed.

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – because the play can be played as either funny, serious or a mix of both, differentiating genres and playing to the audience can be interesting.

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