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In this one act drama for four actors, two police officers arrive at the door of an elderly lady, Delma with the unfortunate news that her son, Willy has passed away in a car accident. Delma flatly refuses to believe them because, according to her, Willy died eight years ago, also in a car crash. The two police officers decide to stay with Delma and unravel the mystery of the car accident victim. As the evening progresses and her daughter, Carol arrives the two policemen are forced to accept the shocking truth about what really happened that day, eight years ago…


The Little Theatre, Leicester, UK – 2019
Lipscomb Academy (High school) – TN, USA – 2019
LACC (Los Angeles City College) – CA, USA – 2022
The Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School, PA, USA – 2022

Author: Sarah Tighe

Genre: one act dramas

Type: One act play

Cast: 3F, 1M

Ages of the actors: One elderly, the others young in their twenties to early middle aged

Length: 30-40 minutes long

Suitable for: All ages

Set: A living room, modestly decorated in Christmas paraphernalia. Delma, in her early 70’s is glued to ‘Carols by Candlelight’, which is playing on television.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – pacing – getting the pace right in this type of drama is fundamental

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