Matter Matters – ten minute comedy for two actors

ten minute comedy for two actors


In this ten minute comedy for two actors, desperate to defeat a playwriting deadline, the team of Hugh and Emma strike terror in their own hearts to get the creative juices flowing again. When these two writers strike or take meetings, they sharpen their pencil wits over which stories are tried-and-true and those that can’t miss. If that doesn’t work, they risk banter whilst barely remembering how to fly a biplane.

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Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA – 2016


Author: James Kent

Genre: Ten minute comedy for two actors

Type: Ten minute plays

Cast: 1M 1F – two actors

Ages of the actors: Late twenties to forties

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Ten minutes

Set: Black box theatre. An image of a biplane projected at the back is an additional extra to aid the audience understand what is happening

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – the script is easy but there is a lot of physical comedy that goes with it.

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