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Surprises – short drama for two women

drama for two women


Bryn arrives home with the Christmas shopping which includes a surprisingly large parcel. Is it a surprise? Who is it for? The women had agreed not to exchange or buy Christmas presents, but why has Bryn bought it? Christmas for many people is a time when emotions and expectations run high, and this Christmas is no different. The parcel sparks a somewhat poignant slightly bitter conversation between Bryn and her companion, Sarah.

Read about New Zealand playwright Keith Passmore. Other dramas (The Box)” by Keith.

Performance History:

The overseas American Army Christmas Concert – 2015
Evanston Township High School, USA – 2016

Author: Keith Passmore

Type: Short one act play

Genre: Drama for two women

Cast: Cast of 2F

Ages of the actors: Cast in their early thirties

Suitable for: PG 12 (language)

Length: 10-15 minutes long

Set: The action takes place in a room in a small apartment. The staging is simple, consisting of a table, covered with a cloth, and a chair.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – script with a wide range of emotions to be shown and tempers flare quickly

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Rhetorical – one act couple drama

one act couple drama


In this one act couple drama, which is part of the well reviewed ‘Ugly Art’ series by Terry Roeche, a married couple is at an art gallery, viewing a red painting. They have not been as close to each other recently, and despite the fact that they are out together, both have concerns about their marriage and whether or not ‘It’s over.’

UGLY ART is a series of related scenes that take place before an imaginary red painting during an art gallery opening. The art is from monochromatic painter Barnard Surio.

The characters interpret the red painting, how they see the painting reflect who they are as people; loving, hopeful, hateful, jaded and so on …

Redditch Advertiser, Worcesterhire, England

Produce by Mouthpiece Theatre, Worcestershire, England 2004

“Putting on a theatre performance is always a risky business. You don’t know whether the audience will turn off he telly and risk the chance of a waster evening. Mouthpiece Productions remedies this by taking theatre to the people. And if has certainly deliver the goods with its latest festival offering – Ugly Art… The show was a treat – a performance of this quality is worth traveling to watch. The show was light accessible and above all, very entertaining.


ENGLAND – Mouthpiece Theatre
Ugly Art 2005
Ugly Art as Red Wine & Canvas 2008
The Old Nick theatre, Gainsborough, UK – 2019
Nirak Films, Warwichshire, UK – 2020

CROATIA – Dreamscape Theatre (UK)
Red Wine & Canvas 2009

CANADA – Dreamscape Theatre (UK)
Red Wine & Canvas 2009 Edmonton Fringe Festival

Author: Terry Roeche

Genre: One act couple drama

Type: One act play

Length: Ten minutes

Cast: 1M 1F

Ages of the actors: 30-30 year old adults.

Suitable for: All ages

Set: Black box set with a red painting either hanging on the wall or on an easel.

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – the script flows easily

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Frida and Diego – Play about Frida Kahlo

play about Frida Kahlo



A good portion of the art world is getting ready to mark the 60th anniversary of Frida Kahlo. Frida and Diego is a biographical play about Frida Kahlo and her husband, Diego Rivera. The tempestuous artist was not always easy to love, but her husband, Diego, loved her dearly throughout their two marriages. This story is about their love.


Abilene Community Theatre, TX, USA – 2019
Franklin G Burroughs – Simeon B Chapin Art Museum, SC, USA – 2022

Author: Tony Broadwick

Genre: Biography of Frida Kahlo

Type: One act play

Length: 40 – 50 minutes

Cast: Requires two females and one male.

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: PG 12 – language

Set: a 1940’s apartment bedroom. There is a bed with a vase and some flowers in it on a bedside table.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – portraying a character that actually existed.

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Two Many Witnesses – a courtroom drama script

courtroom drama script


In this courtroom drama script,  Bernard Wells is dissatisfied with his life as Bistro owner, especially when a school friend of his, Alex Pole, decides to expand his café across the road into a restaurant. Wells asks if he could be his partner in this venture, but Pole tells him he has Frank Horner, a beverage supplier and a friend of his as a partner.

Wells decides to get rid of the opposition. He discovers his cousin’s (Arthur Wells) passport in his flat, where Arthur had mislaid it on his last visit. After witnessing a drunken argument between Horner and Pole, where Horner threatens Pole, Wells sees his chance.

Disguised as his cousin, he pays Alex Pole a visit and kills him; he arranges beforehand that Frank Horner is away at this time, delivering goods to a fictitious customer.

At the enquiry in this courtroom drama script, Bernard disguises himself as his cousin Arthur.  He bears false witness saying he saw Frank Horner leave the scene of the crime carrying the murder weapon. As Bernard Wells, he tells the court of enquiry that he saw Pole and Horner arguing inside Pole’s shop shortly before Pole was killed, therefore giving himself an alibi.

When Horner is arrested for the murder, he protests  his innocence.  To all intents and purposes, the case against him seems watertight, until a surprise witness appears…

Author: T. J. Edison

Genre:  Drama

Type: One act play

Length:  1 hour

Number of actors:  17 actors,  12 M, 5 F

Ages of actors:  Adult – twenties to fifties

Suitable for: All  ages

Set: Simple – two rooms – the main play takes place in the courtroom where there is a typical courtroom laid out with a judge at a table as well as tables for the defendants and prosecutors and chairs for the witnesses and spectators.  The second room is an ante room that can be anything from a simple passage to a room with a table and 2 chairs.

Level of difficulty:  6/10 – the play has a fairly steady pace throughout so maintaining audience focus is the main challenge.

This courtoom drama script is written as a full length one act play, but can easily be converted into a short two act play with an interval.

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