The Gold Medallion – three act play for young cast

three act play


Orphaned and wrongfully convicted of murder, James Fenton is determined to follow his ambition to join Captain James Cook’s crew aboard the Resolution, but his predicament forces him to stowaway!

However, all is not resolved as he becomes an accidental crew member of Cap’n Scargill’s tub, the Revolution, soon to become commandeered by Silas Tench, a villainous devil if there ever was one, Shiner his partner in piracy and a mutinous crew which lusts for gold!

The Gold Medallion, stolen by Silas Tench and his shipmate Shiner from Fenton’s Chandlery, is the key to the booty known as Fenton’s Gold, buried on San Angelo Island in the dangerous waters of the Caribbean.

There are many delightful characters in this adventure with plenty of scope for imaginative staging. The seafaring times of the late 1700’s must be captured by the costuming and overall flavour of the era.


Mount Players, Victoria, Australia – 2019

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Author: Keith Passmore

Genre: Adventure

Type: Three act play

Cast: 48 (40M 8F) BUT many F can play M parts and many parts can be doubled. With doubling a minimum of 33 actors will be needed.

Ages of the actors: Teenage up. Can be played by junior high or middle school cast.

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 130 minutes

Set: Set should involve a ship and the sea. At director’s discretion.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – crowd control

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