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This Medieval tragedy is based partly on and inspired by ‘The Pardoner’s Tale’ from ‘The Canterbury Tales’ by Geoffrey Chaucer.

Set in the 14th Century in the south west of England, the action is sparked by the burning of an alleged witch in the fictitious village of Breenham, Joe’s bid to avenge the killing of his best friend and the deception and greed of the killers, who flee to the forest. The play also revolves round the poaching of deer by a banished monk, the formidable Gert and her sons, the eventual demise of Joe and some of his companions and the ultimate dramatic event in the forest.

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Author:  Keith Passmore

Genre: Tragedy

Type: Three act drama play, medieval plays

Length: Two to two and a half hours.  2-2.5 hours

Number of actors: 24-33 – some can double up

Ages of the actors: Young teens to old

Suitable for:  PG 10 (violence)

Level of Difficulty:  8/10 – a longish script that needs to hold the audience’s attention.

Sets:  The forest, a cottage, an ale yard

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