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Phil Lavan an ex cop, haunted by his past, has decided to go into business with an acquaintance of his,  Carmen Guzzo. Carmen owns a pet store and his aim is to sell the business to Lavan.  Lavan has secrets in his past as a cop that he shares with his ex partner, and close friend,  Joey Nicks. When internal affairs sends an investigator to the pet store because they suspect Joey of being a dirty cop, the friendship is threatened as Joey becomes paranoid that Lavan will expose him now that Lavan has left the force. Joey gets a local girl, Jane Smith to spy on Lavan in order to try and find out if he will expose him.  Tensions climb throughout this three act drama play to reach a bloody climax where all the secrets and lies are exposed for good.

Donald Dewey is an established playwright and author and has had more than 30 plays staged in the United States and Europe, as well as published 33 books of fiction, nonfiction, and drama. More about Donald Dewey

Author: Donald Dewey

Genre: Drama

Type: Three act play, 3 act play, three-act plays

Length: Full length play 2 hours.

Number of  actors: 5 actors, 4M, 1F, 4 men 1 woman

Ages of actors: 30-65 – there are four younger characters and one older man

Suitable for:  PG 12 violence

Set:  2 different areas or sets on stage can be used. The main action takes place in a pet store, which should have a counter as well as various cages to contain the animals.  The other part of the play takes place in an apartment where the bedroom with a doubled bed in it is shown as well as a refrigerator in another room.

Level of difficulty:  8/10 Maintaining the tension and building slowly to a climax. This play could do very well with the right accomplished actors.

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