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Three’s a Crowd – One act for three actors

one act drama


A story of two best friends, their simple enough lives and their complicated relationships. Simon and Kerry have both reached the point of no return in the way they lead their love lives. Kerry has ended it with her physically and mentally abusive boyfriend Dylan, whilst Simon has recently come out and is embarking on his first relationship with another man. Kerry and Simon hide zero elements of their lives from one another but have never had the most intimately delicate parts intersect… That is until Simon realizes he is in love with Kerry’s ex, Malcolm. When Simon and Kerry’s friendship takes a turn for the less friendly and more romantic road, they have no choice but to face their uncertain futures with or without each other.

… Because girls and boys can never just be friends.

Read more about playwright Ashley Nader. Other plays (Cheesecake) by Ashley.

Playwright: Ashley Nader

Genre: Drama, romance

Type: One act for three actors

Length: 25 minutes

Cast: 2M 1F

Ages of the actors: Adult, young adult

Suitable for: Adults

Set: Various – but easy to move in a one act situation. Table and chairs represent a restaurant on one side of the stage and on the other is a living room in a flat.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – revealing the pain of the characters , easy to remember words with everyday spoken English, ideal for festival play

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The Perfect Partnership – short romantic comedy script for three actors

short romantic comedy script for three actors


The Perfect Partnership” is a short romantic comedy script for three actors centered on the misadventures between Stephen, a young man with an unwanted puppy, and a strange girl named Clara he meets on his way. While trying to please his girlfriend Penelope by getting rid of the puppy, Stephen sparks immediate friction with Clara, who seems to only create obstacles on the way to the animal shelter. But when the puppy gets lost, Stephen and Clara have to work together as a team, ultimately discovering what the perfect partnership means for both of them.


Rever la Scène, Paris, France – 2017
Village Green theatre Co, Queensland, Australia – 2018
Tesoro High School, CA, USA – 2018
Independent – Lively, ON, Canada – 2019

Author: Shelby Deglan

Type: One act play

Genre:Short romantic comedy script

Cast:1M 2F actors

Ages of the actors: Actors in their late teens to early twenties

Suitable for: Suitable for all ages

Length: 20 minute one act play

Suitable for: All ages

Set: A sidewalk/pavement near a park

Level of Difficulty: 6/10 – nice character piece

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Copyright October 2015 Shelby Deglan and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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When Summer dies of Shame – one act drama for three actors

one act drama for three actors


A bloody Civil War has been raging in the fictitious country of Carthinia. One of the many atrocities committed during the war was Colonel Ivan Karovitch’s rape of a young Carthinian girl, the murder of her boyfriend and her parents. The rape victim takes refuge in a convent where she gives birth to a daughter Natalie. When just a few months old Natalie is adopted by an English couple and brought to the UK.

Ivan flees to the UK and begins a new life here. He marries and runs a flower shop with his English wife revealing nothing of his past to her. They have a daughter Jessica. When Jessica’s mother dies, her father Ivan comes to live at Jessica’s house in an annex. Ivan retires and spends his days tending his allotment and the garden.

Natalie visits Carthinia and finds her birth mother who tells her about the rape and that she must track Ivan down and ensure he’s brought to justice. Natalie is focused on the crime and is oblivious to the implications of her existence being a result of the rape. Natalie enlists the help of a journalist and Ivan’s army photograph and details of his crimes appear in an edition of the Guardian. Ivan sees the article and suffers a seizure and is taken to hospital. They can’t find anything physically wrong with him but it is decided he is unable to look after himself and he is put into a nursing home.

Natalie who is a trained nurse and already working in a care home, traces Ivan through Jessica’s Facebook page, and she then takes up a vacancy at the nursing home where Ivan is being looked after

The play is set in Ivan’s room in the nursing home. The play opens with a short introductory scene – set in the present – three weeks after Ivan has committed suicide. We then flashback to the day before Ivan’s suicide and the story of the events leading up to his death unfolds. In the final scene we are back in the present and this is when the increasingly confrontational relationship between Natalie and Jessica reaches its climax.


Shetland County Drama Festival, Shetland Islands, Scotland, UK – 2017
French-American International School, CA, USA – 2019


Read more about playwright James Chalmers. Other plays by James.

Author: James Chalmers

Genre: One act drama

Type: One act play

Cast: Three, 3 – 1M (non speaking) 2F parts

Ages of the actors: M 50-70 years, F 20-40 years – one older than the other

Suitable for: All ages

Length of play: 20 minutes

Set: Ivan’s room in the nursing home with an armchair.

Level of difficulty:
7/10 – although there are 3 actors, thi is in essence a duologue for two conflicting F parts.

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Copyright ©January 2015 James Chalmers and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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