Extra Lessons – A Poignant Comedy play about student teacher relationships

play about student teacher relationships


When Jared’s friends dare him to kiss Miss Maya, their young and attractive English teacher, Jared takes the bet and enrolls in private extra lessons with Miss Maya in order to attain his goal. But he finds out that there is a lot more at stake than merely a kiss and that Miss Maya is, in herself, an insecure and vulnerable young woman. This play deals with the consequences of student teacher relationships in a sensitive manner. A play about student teacher relationships.

Actors: 2M (teens 18 yrs), 4F (1 teen, 1 young attractive, 1 older teacher and the headmistress)

Genre: Poignant Comedy

Suitable for: All Ages

Ages of actors: 3 teen, 1 twenties, 2 middle aged to older

Type: 1 act play

Set: A classroom setting and then an office setting.

Difficulty: 6/10 – making the characters believable

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Cost is $6 for this digital play script

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3 thoughts on “Extra Lessons – A Poignant Comedy play about student teacher relationships”

  1. Dear Claire.
    I have sent you two short plays, but I can’t find them here and I don’t even know if you have received them. “The Tragic Tale of Robbie and Cynthia.” and “Bob”.

    As an amateur actor in Germany, I know how scripts are formatted here, but I see from one of your samples that the format is totally different (less spaces for revision).

    Screenplays. I have read “Buy a play” but I can’t find “Buy a screenplay”.
    What happens when my screenplay is revised, filmed and shown on TV – shown in cinemas. What do I get in return? What do I get from a blockbuster? Do you get to claim 50% of the $28,000 if the screenplay is sold with exclusive rights to the film company? What about royalties, do you claim 50% of these too?

    Where are your FAQ’s?

    By the way, Amazon have started “publishing” screenplays online. Everybody can see them (I’m rewriting one at the moment – just for the excercise) they are terrible, most of them convoluted to hell.

    I appreciate what you are doing here, and I wish you every success.

    Thomas. AKA T. J. Edison and others.

    1. Hi Thomas,

      In answer to the second part of your question – with screenplays the amount the playwright and publishing company would get varies and would involve negotiation with the film company. We can either license your screenplay with us or you have the option to license it with your local play company or screenplay company (for example Samuel French in the UK is the local licensing body for stage plays) Each screenplay is only sold once, so once bought it can’t be sold to anyone else. We have just launched a form where you leave your FAQ’s. I will get more info from our legal guys and get back to you on that.

      Claire Demmer

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