Lady killers – four monologues by women who kill

monologues by women


In this set of four monologues by women who kill, the author allows us to meet four female killers or murderers, each who kills or has killed for different reasons – for one, it’s a job, the second for revenge and the third, to save her children from a lifetime of potential pain. The last is a girl who is simply tired of women being seen as the weaker sex. It is traditionally men who are seen as the harsher sex in modern society and thus it is with fascination that people view female killers, almost as women who are going against the grain of being female, as it were. But, as the monologues point out, women, like men are just as different from each other and their motivations, remain human. But not always pure….

These monologues as as amazing as they are disturbing – a view into the psyche of the female killer.

PLEASE NOTE: Lady Killers was written as a set of 3 monologues, with the author making the fourth monologue available as an addendum to the script, tagged at the end of it. 


North Hawaii Players, Hawaii, USA – 2018
Chapel Hill Thespians, NC, USA – 2019
Grupo Teatro de Barro, San Pedro Garza Garcia, NL, Mexico – 2019
Boston University Stage Troupe, MA, USA, 2021
Boca Prep International School, FL, USA – 2021

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Author: Matt Fox

Genre: Dramatic monologues

Type: Monologues by women

Length: Each monologue is about 4 – 5 minutes long except American girl, which is  7-8 minutes long. 

Suitable for: PG 16

Ages of the actors: Teens up to to fifties, depending on the monologue

Set: Simple sets – a podium, a child’s bed, a table and chair

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – because of the single actor and simple set, the focus is carried entirely by the words.

Read a Sample of the Script – monologue 49 (The assassin)

Read a Sample of the Script – monologue 150 (Death row)

Read a Sample of the Script – monologue 3 (The mother)

Read a Sample of the Script – monologue 21 (The American girl)

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